Sollensys Launches Global Affiliate Marketing Program

The company will use the Awin platform to reach consumers directly

PALM BAY, FL/ACCESSWIRE/July 14, 2022/ Sollensys Corp (OTCQB:SOLS), a leading cybersecurity company specializing in blockchain-based data security, today announced that it has contracted with Awin, a network of over 241,000 active affiliate partners in the world, to launch the official launch of Sollensys affiliate-based direct-to-consumer marketing program. Sollensys Storage provides users with secure, immutable, and virtually indestructible online storage for a consumer’s important personal documents, images, and videos.

Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising in which Sollensys financially rewards its affiliate partners for each subscription obtained through the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. In the affiliate model, consumers are directed from the marketing affiliate website, ad link, email, or newsletter to the Sollensys signup page to sign up for a data store. online platform based on the Sollensys blockchain, earning a commission on each successful registration.

Sollensys provides banners, creative content, special offers, coupons and other marketing materials to affiliates. Affiliates then share the offer on their personal social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok or on their own websites. Social media influencers can post in a blog, banner, newsletter, on YouTube, or any combination of methods and earn revenue for referrals. This can be an exceptionally powerful marketing tool with Gen Z and Millennial customers.

Sollensys has created a new website, Sollensium, for its affiliates, including a very informative three-minute video that explains what blockchain is and its value to the consumer. Visitors are also offered a free 30-day trial account (credit card required) at:

Using the Awin platform, Sollensys can leverage 17 existing and well-established verticals, including over 4,000 affiliates promoting in the finance industry, 95,000 affiliates promoting in retail industries, retail and entertainment, 32,000 affiliates promoting in the technology sector, and more. over 9,500 affiliates promoting in the travel industry, as well as other industries. The Awin Network generated 194 million sales in 2021, totaling $16 billion in affiliate revenue.

“This is an important milestone for our business,” said Don Beavers, CEO of Sollensys. “After four months of planning, preparation and integration, we have launched our direct-to-consumer affiliate program. It is tested and ready. Our company’s previous focus was to serve customers at the enterprise and retail level. companies. That said, our long-term goal has never been about accolades or a list of stellar clients. At the heart of what we do, what we believe to be our goal, is the democratization of the technology and the integration of hard-to-understand and previously expensive software tools into the lives of ordinary consumers.”

“We believe the potential benefits of our affiliate marketing program are substantial for the company and its shareholders,” Mr. Beavers continued. “By joining an established network with an existing affiliate base, we were able to reduce our own current marketing costs quickly and significantly. With the staff reductions and eliminating some external marketing costs, we expect to reduce our expenses nearly $2 million in marketing dollars over the next 12 months.”

Sollensys also hopes to benefit from the affiliate marketing program by expanding its account base to reduce dependence on fewer and larger customers and create a more stable revenue stream, greater brand recognition and a improved cash flow from recurring monthly subscription revenue.

For more information on affiliate referral earnings, please contact Sollensys.

About Sollensys

Sollensys Corp is a math, science, technology and engineering solutions company that provides products that ensure the integrity of customer data through collection, storage and transmission. Our innovative flagship product is the Blockchain Archive Server, a turnkey, out-of-the-box, blockchain solution that works with virtually any hardware and software combination in commercial use today, with no need to replace or upgrade. eliminate some of the customer data security that is used. The company recently launched its second product offering, the Regional Service Center, which offers small businesses the same cutting-edge technology that was previously only available to large or very well-financed businesses.

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