Sprinkles partners with Sanctuary for astrology-themed cupcakes

Sprinkles has announced its new line of celestial-inspired cupcakes made in partnership with the cult astrology app Sanctuary, starting with its first cupcake, Aquarius, on Monday, January 24.

Carefully and playfully created with Sanctuary as an expert astrology guide, Sprinkles’ culinary team has formulated cupcake flavors that celebrate each sign.

“As passionate innovators, it made perfect sense for Sprinkles to combine the emotional connection people have with food with the emotional qualities of astrology,” said Michelle Wong, Marketing Director of Sprinkles. “We are delighted to unveil this new line of cupcakes in collaboration with Sanctuary, an authority in the field of astrology, to offer our guests exciting new flavors that are inspired by their unique personalities within the Zodiac. “

“Teaming up with Sprinkles for this fun line of astrology themed cupcakes has been a real treat,” said Ross Clark, CEO and co-founder of Sanctuary. “We are delighted that everyone is trying their zodiac flavor! “

At the start of each zodiac sign, Sprinkles will unveil a matching cupcake for a delicious and colorful interpretation of their innermost features. An assortment of flavors includes “Miso Caramel” for Aquarius – a caramel cake with a core of sweet and salty caramel, topped with white chocolate buttercream frosting, and “Pink Fantasia” for Pisces – a cake topper. mellow pink vanilla filled and frosted with pink marshmallow meringue.

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