‘Suicide Squad’: Peacemaker’s post-credits scene explained


Warning: This article contains spoilers for the final scenes of Warner Bros. ‘ “The suicide squad”. For non-spoiler-free content, check out our review and article on breakout star Daniela Melchior.

If you stuck around after the credits to the sequel to James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad” (reboot?), You know there was not one but two post-credits scenes teasing the resurrections of two fallen members of the team. ‘team.

First, after his premature drowning in the film’s opening scene, Weasel is seen coming back to life in the credits scene before running away, and it’s safe to assume that Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller is still following him. . Because the character is played by director’s brother Sean Gunn, it’s likely that we’ll get to see the weasel again, especially since the actor is a constant feature in his older brother’s films.

Meanwhile, the post-credits scene offered a glimpse of John Cena’s Peacekeeper recovering in a hospital bed after Idris Elba’s Bloodshot apparently took him out for good.

Peacemaker’s resurrection probably won’t come as a surprise to die-hard DC fans, given that Warner Bros. has already announced that an upcoming series on the character’s origins will arrive on HBO Max in January. Created by Gunn, the spinoff series will be the first show to explore the DC Extended Universe.

Gunn, who wrote all eight episodes of the series during the pandemic while putting the finishing touches on “The Suicide Squad,” will serve as showrunner and direct five episodes. Cena will reprise the lead role alongside previously announced cast Steve Agee, Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Jennifer Holland, Freddie Stroma, and Chukwudi Iwuji.

Holland, who also appears in “The Suicide Squad” as Emilia Harcourt, provides the biggest clue about the next step for Peacemaker in the film’s final line. What does he need? “Just to save the fucking world,” Harcourt reveals.

John Economos of Agee also appears in the end credits scene.

“Peacemaker” could become the first of several DCEU series to tell stories about the characters introduced in its films. In 2020, DC Films president Walter Hamada told the New York Times that the studio was working with filmmakers behind its next film list to attempt an interconnected spinoff series for HBO Max, much like Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’. . And Gunn has already expressed interest in returning for a second season of “Peacemaker”.

It remains to be seen whether the studio’s foray into television will experience comparable success to Marvel’s recent Disney + series – or stumble like Netflix’s previous attempts. But as the DCEU continues to try to find its place, offering creative control of a TV project to an established, idiosyncratic filmmaker seems like a promising first step, and one that none of the Marvel projects have done before.


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