Superman reveals how the new authority fits into the DC Universe

As Superman leaves Earth for his long-awaited showdown with Mongul, the Man of Steel’s adventures in another world seem to follow him.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Action Comics # 1035, on sale now from DC Comics.

As Superman prepares to leave Earth for a showdown with the Cosmic Despot Mongul after dealing with several of his associates in the DC Universe, he is at a disadvantage, with his powers starting to wane noticeably after being exposed to an extra rift. -dimensional at the start of the era of the infinite frontier. The Man of Steel doesn’t go into this showdown alone, however, and while the Justice League remains on Earth, he has provided various reinforcements with the latest iteration of the Authority miniseries released simultaneously. Superman and the Authority.

The story of Grant Morrison and Mikel Janin presumably takes place on another Earth, with Superman surfacing on this world around the Kennedy administration in the mid-20th century. While providing fleeting references that he has been transported through time and space, the older Superman finds himself in a world that features reimagined characters from the DCU and the WildStorm universe and sets out to form a new one. Authority’s version to save humanity from itself when its previous efforts as a solo superhero and as head of the Justice League failed. Due to its alternate historical approach and visibly different Superman, there was speculation the miniseries were outside of the main continuity. Action comics # 1035 – by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Daniel Sampere, Adriano Lucas and Dave Sharpe – reveals the miniseries is more tied to the main DCU than initially thought.

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DC Universe Authority

After Mongul’s associates expand their business on Earth, including a brazen attack on the Fortress of Solitude, Superman realizes that he has delayed Mongul’s neutralization for too long and decides to drive his foe away at the source of the Mongul Throne World, Warworld. As Batman confides in his old friends that he’s noticed Superman’s powers fading, Superman points out that he’s got the situation in hand. After a romantic final night with Lois Lane, Superman returns to the version of Authority he gathered in the Morrison and Janin story, with the team transporting to Mongul for the epic showdown for the fate of countless worlds. .

Along with Superman’s comments about transporting this alternate WildStorm universe through a vortex, there have been other clues that the two universes are connected. Both stories feature a Superman whose powers he regularly fails. Superman and the Authority suggests that this may be due to the advanced age of the man of tomorrow. The alleged main antagonist of the miniseries, Ultra-Humanite, makes it clear that he is aware that Superman has a superhero son elsewhere and intends to take care of Jon Kent after defeating the Authority. trained to stop it. Morrison, for his part, acknowledged that Superman and the Authority would be related to that of Johnson Action comics run, without going into details.

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Superman Authority 1

The biggest lingering question about Superman and the Authority This is how Superman came to this alternate world and how he returned to the main DCU, older than he appears in Morrison and Janin’s story. In the meantime, Superman may have seemingly thwarted Ultra-Humanite in the alternate world, but has greater concerns to fear as the threat of Mongul looms before him and the Authority as his powers continue to dwindle. And while Future State offered a glimpse of how this showdown would unfold, even Superman’s reinforcements from another world might not be enough to save the day this time around.

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