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In a preview for The Swamp Thing #11, on sale March 29, Alec Holland’s daughter Tefe Holland returns, but whose side is she on?

Warning: contains preview images for Swamp trick #11!

Tefe Holland, the daughter of marsh thing, has made her return to the DC Universe, but what role will she play? Last year readers met Levi Kamen, the new Swamp Thing and followed him on a dark odyssey through the green and preview for The swamp thing #11, his ex-girlfriend is looking to Tefe for answers and more importantly, help, but Tefe seems reluctant. The issue, the first of the title’s second season, goes on sale in print and digital on March 29.

When Alan Moore revitalized Swamp Thing in the mid-1980s, he revealed that Swamp Thing served a higher power called the Green, the embodiment of plant life on Earth. After Swamp Thing learned he had no chance of becoming human again, he embarked on a quest of self-discovery, eventually learning that there had been other Swamp Things throughout history. Alec gave up the role and last year the Greens chose Levi Kamen as their new champion. A whirlwind of ten issues saw Levi not only come to terms with what he had become, but also his family’s legacy, which was tied to the Green. Levi’s ex-lover has found herself caught up in Levi’s new life, and she’s decided to help heal him, and she turns to Tefe Holland for help in a preview to The swamp thing #11. The issue is written by Ram V, illustrated by Mike Perkins, colored by Mike Spicer, and lettered by Aditya Bidikar.


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The preview opens with Levi’s ex Jennifer describing the events so far, and readers learn she’s telling it all to Tefe Holland, the daughter of the original Swamp Thing Alec Holland. She asks Tefe to help save Levi, but Tefe refuses. She tells Jennifer that even though she can think she knows what is going on, she does not know it in fact; Tefe tells Jennifer that she hasn’t even “scratched the surface”. Tefe tells Jennifer her own story, how she was made by the Greens to be an avatar, the one who would destroy humanity. Tefe describes to Jennifer the nature of green and how it is currently changing.

Tefe Holland, daughter of Alec Holland

Levi Kamen, Swamp Thing, child

A recap of Levi Kamen's Swamp Thing story

Tefe refuses to help Jennifer

The preview ends there, but the prospect of Tefe helping Jennifer seems pretty small. Tefe struggled to distance herself from her famous father and the Green, trying to carve out her own life. Tefe found herself thrown back into madness on several occasions, and even titled her own Swamp Thing title in the early 2000s. However, with Alec Holland no longer in the role, Tefe may have felt it was the perfect time to move on, explaining his resentment towards Jennifer. The question then is: will Tefe change her mind and help Jennifer save Levi? And where exactly is Levi now? Tefe also said the Greens are currently ‘on a boil’ – how will this affect not just Levi but also Tefe?

Whether or not Tefe helps Jennifer remains to be seen. However, she was right to move on and put Swamp Thing behind her, but now she’s about to get sucked in.

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