Thanos’ ultimate form is more powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet


Thanos has already acquired the powers of the Heart of the Universe, which were even stronger than when wielding the Infinity Gauntlet and Cosmic Cube.

by marvel Thanos has researched some of the most extraordinary powers in the known universe to implement his plans to please death and become the most powerful villain in the Marvel Universe. From the Infinity Gauntlet to the Cosmic Cube, the Mad Titan have obtained reality-shaping weapons and used them to terrorize Earth’s mightiest heroes. However, the most powerful item Thanos acquired, the Heart of the Universe, was used to keep his reality from fading away.

Wonder: the end by Jim Starlin, Al Milgrom, Christie Scheele, Heroic Age, and Dave Sharpe told the story of the last days of the Marvel Universe. In the story, the Avengers, X-Men, and other heroes are killed by an all-powerful being named Akhenaton. Thanos discovers the source of the Pharaoh’s omnipotent powers, the Heart of the Universe, which the Celestial Order firmly guarded. After Thanos and the Defenders distract the Heavenly Order guards, the Mad Titan delves deep into the universe and acquires his incredible abilities.

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The Heart of the Universe gives Thanos powers beyond any Infinite Stone or Cosmic Artifact. The villain uses his powers to reshape the universe and create different realities. Thanos compares the power of the Infinity Gauntlet to the Heart of the Universe, noting that the former gave him control over the bending of time, reality, space, power, and mind, but all was external – whereas it was linked to Omni-reality with the latter. He is everyone and everything at the same time. Thanos evaporates eternity, kills a celestial, and destroys the living tribunal and all who threaten his reign.

Thanos with the heart of the universe

However, since he used his powers without thinking, Thanos absorbed the entire universe – leaving himself in a void of nothingness. It takes Adam Warlock (who was out of space and time when the universe was destroyed) to convince Thanos that infinite darkness is not the end he wants. Thanos ends up using the heart of the universe to restore reality to his past, all the while sacrificing himself and his great power to make it happen.

As has happened before, Thanos has gone mad for power. Only this time, his newly acquired omnipotence caused him to absorb everything that has ever existed in his reality and land in a void of darkness. With the heart of the universe, Thanos was not only the strongest he had ever been, but he was more powerful than any villain before him. Marvel Comics even had to write down the story was non-canon after its release due to the Mad Titan’s insane strength. At the end, Thanos the ultimate form was incredibly strong – but was even too much for him to handle.

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