The 4 fiercest zodiac signs, according to an astrologer


There is something reassuring about the way astrology gives us heavenly insight into our inner motivations, desires, and weird traits. Lucky for us, we don’t need to know the super meticulous details to understand how the stars affect us. Knowing your sun sign can reveal why you have a reputation for being bold and aggressive on your own. If you are the type to speak your mind despite rocking the boat, then you are very likely to be one of the fiercest zodiac signs.

Your birth chart is like a cheat sheet of all of your traits and motivations. Each planet represents a different area of ​​life, like Venus representing your language of love. Let’s say your Venus sign is stationed in the dreamy Pisces sign – you are probably dreaming of love all day. But to find out if you are inclined to quarrel, you can turn to the element of your zodiac sign.

“Those born with the element of fire are known to be passionate, daring, creative and straightforward,” MaKayla McRae, an astrologer also known as TheStarryEyedMystic, told Bustle. “They often feel that there is no need to filter their genuine feelings and reactions, which in turn leads to mixed reactions.” This is especially true if your Mercury placement falls under a fire sign since Mercury rules your communication – and let’s face it, the most fiery people are loud and proud (and they don’t regret it).

Do you tend to stir up a bit of conflict wherever you go or are quick to bicker? If so, there is a chance that you are one of the more fiery zodiac signs. Read on to see if you top the list, but please don’t take it personally!

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Aries, you are the captain of the ship, so you have no problem rocking the boat. “Not only does Aries have a fiery kick from the influence of their Mars, but Aries is also a fire sign. The fire energy is bold, unapologetic and direct with their thoughts and feelings,” explains McRae: You don’t back down when it comes to defending yourself and you have the stamina to keep up a feud for days on end if you really wanted to.

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When it comes to holding on, you don’t curl up, Leo. Your ruling planet is the sun, after all, and you don’t take it lightly when someone condescends or steals the show. “Lions know what they bring and aren’t afraid to be seen as ‘dramatic’ or ‘bossy’ as they often are,” says McRae. “Not to mention, Leo is a sign of fire – the energy of fire is passionate, warm, and straightforward.” You are also in the fixed signs group, so if you feel an inch of passive aggression, you bite back, and stubbornly.

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It’s probably not a good idea to underestimate the fiery power of a Scorpio. Of course you are the opposite of a fire sign, but being a worthy water sign has its moments. In fact, in ancient astrology, you are ruled by bossy and fiery Mars. “Scorpios prefer to channel their passion more subtly. They must retain their mysterious water sign persona while remaining true to the aggressive rules of Mars, which makes them more witty than reactive in their ardor, ”says McRae.

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Sagittarius, you are free-spirited and flow naturally. “Being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius naturally has the audacity to be what they are strong and proud of. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion and luck, guarantees that they are endowed with confidence and a passion to be frank, “says McRae. And if you feel restricted or your freedom is taken, you take it personally. Just like an archer, you will strike back – and with excellent aim.


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