The Block 2022 episode 29: Ryan and Rachel finally win a victory as Omar and Oz are accused of cheating

The piano Omar and Oz got for a song wasn’t quite the grand design they envisioned. Instead, the duo were accused of cheating, penalized three points off their overall score, and disqualified for winning simply because their bartering skills were too sharp.

All week, the couple had bragged that they managed to buy a $36,000 piano for just $7,000. Nobody said a word about it until Judgment Day, when Scott Cam put them on the coals for breaking the rules.

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Apparently, The Block’s guidelines stated that contestants had to pay at least 50% of the retail value of anything they put in their room.

“You can’t spend $7,000 on a piano and put it in a room and expect me to drop the boys,” a stern Scott said.

Omar and Oz offered to give the merchant another $10,000 to fix the wrong, but Scott didn’t have a bar of it.

With the support of the other four teams, Scott delivered a penalty that would ultimately see them finish third instead of second this week. This was disappointing considering it was a piece that Darren Palmer said was “AF chic”.

The obviously miffed contestants then whispered to Jenny and Dylan that their grand piano wasn’t so grand after all. It was used, so it was unlikely to sell for its full price of $36,000.

But it was too late to make excuses, and they knew it. But they lamented that it was annoying that no one in production warned them they were doing the wrong thing during the many on-camera conversations about the price of the piano.

While the boys got angry with getting dressed, Tom demanded an audit of everyone’s expenses.

“What they’re doing hasn’t affected us personally financially, but at the end of the day everyone is putting their lives on hold and they’re happy to go about it and break the rules, which technically is cheating then. it’s not fair to those of us who play by the rules,” he said shortly before being pulled over by police for speeding.

It’s been a rough week for everyone except Ryan and Rachel who, after weeks of negative comments from the judges, finally hit the big time with their living room and dining room.

The couple received perfect marks from Neale Whitaker and Shaynna Blaze for their efforts.

In fact, Shaynna was so impressed with what she saw that she literally started screaming at the sky in delight.

“Yes! They did, they put warmth and personality into this space,” Shaynna shouted as she entered the room. As Neale funnily added, “Welcome to The Block, Ryan and Rachel.”

Neale said the living and dining space gave meaning to their kitchen – which Shaynna had previously described as cold and soulless.

All three judges were also impressed with the efforts of Sarah-Jane and Tom. The couple had the biggest workspace this week and overall the room was a hit as it offered the perfect mix of rustic charm and contemporary living.

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“I feel like I’m looking at a magazine cover. On a magazine cover, that would sell your socks off,” Neale exclaimed.

Predictably (as reported by Scott and Shelley), Shaynna felt there wasn’t enough seating in the space. While Darren pointed out the messy wiring under the TV.

Shaynna also felt that the piece didn’t quite have the panache of their past efforts.

“I don’t feel their heart and soul here,” Shaynna said.

They saved their harshest words for the efforts of Sharon and Ankur and Jenny and Dylan.

It had been an uphill battle for Sharon and Ankur to be able to showcase anything this week after once again locking horns with their builders.

Unfortunately, even with a finished stone fireplace, Sharon and Ankur still ended up at the bottom of the pile.

Shaynna liked the couple’s rustic beams and antler lighting, but couldn’t see much worth looking at on the floor.

“I call it their redo room,” Shaynna said, signaling what a disaster she thought it was.

Neale added that the things that make a house a home are missing. He urged them to get more trinkets, lamps and bookcases.

“I feel like I’m in a hotel lobby. It’s almost like these spaces are too big and they’ve conquered them,” Neale said.

The judges also weren’t impressed with what they found next at Jenny and Dylan’s. The trio were momentarily lost for words as they entered the room. And not in a good way. Their reactions shocked the system a bit for Jenny who had believed that this week would finally be their turn to shine. How wrong she was.

“It seems a bit plain,” Neale said, clearly disappointed and confused by the bland, old-fashioned furniture.

“Jenny and Dylan aren’t going to thank me for this, but they presented cookie cutter country.”

Shaynna suggested the couple remove some of the country elements and add more contemporary pieces as a quick fix for the room.

“I don’t understand, we weren’t country enough and now we’re too country,” Jenny said, bewildered and deflated.


Sarah-Jane and Tom 25.5

Ryan and Rachel 29.5

Sharon and Ankur 19

Jenny and Dylan 22

Omar and Oz 25.5


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