The parallel universe theory would solve 7 mysteries

If true, the parallel universe theory would solve seven of the Manifest mysteries. Since the beginning of the series, the audience – and the characters – have developed different ideas regarding what really happened to the passengers when Flight 828 went missing. The existence of alternate realities is one of many explanations circulating among viewers.

Although the idea has yet to be embraced by the main characters, the parallel universe concept is one of the most popular. Manifest theories. It’s often discussed as an alternative to Ben’s belief that the Passengers were resurrected by a higher power or this idea that time travel is at the heart of everything on the show. Some are of the opinion that neither of these scenarios will be used to explain the disappearance of Flight 828 when the show’s story ends in Manifest season 4. If neither of the theories is correct, the next most plausible explanation would be that the passengers are secretly from an alternate reality.


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Apparently there are at least two realities in Manifest and in turn, two different sets of Flight 828 passengers. According to this fan-favorite theory, one timeline’s versions of Michaela, Ben, Saanvi, and all the others have all been replaced by their alternate universe counterparts, who are unaware that they live in a different world. While there are some things in the show that this theory doesn’t account for, like Al-Zuras laying eyes on Flight 828, Manifest going in this direction would provide the show with answers to seven of its lingering mysteries.

Why Flight 828 Really Disappeared

None of the characters have been able to figure out what really happened to Flight 828, though they believe its disappearance has something to do with Black Lightning. It could be that Dark Lightning has secretly opened a path to an alternate timeline that mirrors their own in almost every way. If so, this could be the real reason why Flight 828, Noah’s Ark, Zeke, Griffin, and the Addicts all disappeared. Some sort of disruption or issue with the timeline may have caused them to cross paths when their counterparts are simply dead.

This can also apply to Manifest other disappearances, apparently all triggered by storms. If that’s the case, the meth addicts the Passengers had to deal with in the final episodes of Season 2 aren’t the same characters they tried (and failed) to help. Manifest season 3. The meth addicts seen in season 3 may have belonged to the same parallel universe as the passengers.

Where do the calls come from?

Passengers hailing from an alternate reality could make sense of the calls, which may not be the divine messages Ben currently believes they are. Instead, they could be visions from another timeline. What they can see each time they receive a Calling could actually be a glimpse of the world they left behind and the life they could have had had they lived. After all, if the passengers are from another reality, they might still be in tune with this one in some way. Or, the calls could be the consequences of replacing the people who died in the accident. This means Callings can show passengers what their counterparts would have done with their lives if their plane hadn’t crashed.

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Why tracking calls is so important

Passengers now understand that there are real consequences for not tracking calls, and that includes not beating the date of death. Why it’s so important that they do what Callings asks is an answer that Passengers don’t quite get, but a reveal from a parallel universe might shed some light on that. For the Passengers to belong in this universe, they may need to do as their counterparts would have done in order to avoid creating a temporal disturbance. If they don’t, the universe or a higher power can solve the problem itself by killing the passengers, which could be where the date of death comes into play.

Why the passengers left for five years

The theory that the passengers passed through a wormhole could explain why the passengers of Flight 828 were gone for so long without any of them ever getting old. For the characters, it may have felt like no time had passed, but crossing it could have caused them to spit at a random point in the second universe’s timestream. The same could have happened to Al-Zuras and all the others who experienced this strange phenomenon in Manifest.

Where Cal went in the season 3 finale

One of the most frequently asked questions after the Manifest The Season 3 finale is about Cal’s whereabouts after he hits his tail fin. Somehow he came back five years earlier a few hours earlier. Some assume it’s time travel, but the situation could actually be much more complex. It’s possible that when Cal touched the drift, he was teleported back to his home universe. If so, Cal may have lived for five years in the company of Grace and Olive’s alternate universe counterparts. This timeline’s version of him, on the other hand, would of course be dead, just like Ben. This storyline would also provide a reason why Cal showed up at the time of Grace’s death and why he said he knew what to do. If Grace died in the alternate reality, Cal may have figured out that Grace’s death is the way things should be.

How the Tailfin Exists

Arguably the strongest evidence for the parallel universe theory in Manifest is the tail fin, mainly because alternate realities are the only working explanation for this mystery that has been offered so far. Flight 828 exploded on the runway in Season 1, so it doesn’t seem possible that the tail fin was found in the ocean in the Season 2 finale. Even time travel can’t clear up the confusion. surrounding the various versions of the aircraft wreckage. Parallel universes, however, could solve this mystery. If the theory is correct, then the plane is from the passenger world, while the empennage is from Manifest main reality.

How Captain Daly Came Back

Manifest Captain Daly Season 3 Finale

Manifest introduced another puzzling mystery when he brought back Captain Daly for a brief appearance in the Season 3 finale. inexplicably featured in the plane’s cockpit in Eureka before vanishing again. The difference in his clothes implied that Manifest sort of has two versions of Captain Daly now. Such a scenario would be plausible if Captain Daly from the season 3 finale is from the alternate reality and not the same character who disappeared alongside Fiona Clarke in a season 1 episode.

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