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NEW DELHI: Do you want to know what will happen in your future? Here is a company that does this for a living!

While most Indian startups strive to solve the problems of your present by providing convenience, this startup solves the problems of your future by giving predictions in the present!

Who uses astrology these days?

Astrotalk has served over 2 crores of customers in the last 4 years and does business of INR 41 lacs per day. And growing by 20% month after month.

Who should be their client?

Did you guess the people over 40? Surprisingly, Astrotalk caters to the youth of the country, i.e. the age group of 21 to 35!

What should they ask?

About 30% of queries are career related, 60% are love, relationship and marriage related. The remaining 10% relate to health, wealth and finance.

Is the business funded?

Astrotalk is bootstrapped and considered to be one of the most successful bootstrapped companies in India. It is also the market leader in the field of Astrology.

How many astrologers do they have?

Astrotalk has over 2500 astrologers on the app who are available 24/7 to talk to customers via chat or call. He does more than 1,50,000 minutes of consultation every day!

Does Astrology Really Work?

Puneet Gupta, the founder of Astrotalk, did not believe in astrology before, but one of his friends who was an astrologer predicted that he would start a company in 2015 in the IT field and it would close in 2017.

When this prediction came true, Puneet started believing in astrology and went to the same astrologer to inquire about his future. She predicted that according to his chart, he should start something in the field of astrology.

According to his suggestion, Astrotalk was launched in October 2017 and within 4.5 years it became the market leader.

Do you always want to know what will happen in your future? Log in to Astrotalk and get the first chat with an astrologer for free.

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