This summer, let the truth be your shield – J.


Sivan 5781

May 12-June 10, 2021

Sivan is the month of Shavuot, the festival celebrating divine revelation. Great dramatic changes are revealed with the onset of the eclipse season, Jupiter / Tzedek’s two-and-a-half-month stay in Pisces / Dagim. This will be a preview of its longest stay there in 2022, the conjunction of Venus / Noga at the northern lunar node. (The lunar nodes, which are rarely discussed in the Hellenistic system that dominates astrology today, are treated with great importance in Jewish astrology.)

Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13, heralding a renewal of faith, optimism, dreams and visions. Venus in Gemini / T’omim is in conjunction with the North Lunar Node on May 17th, offering an infusion of communicative and creative power. Notions of what is meant to be are confirmed – or radically denied. Saturn / Shabbatai retrograde from May 23 exposes huge chasms in personal accountability for those who depend on others for authority and decision making. The full moon “Super Blood” / total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius / Keshet on May 26th intensifies the tension between information and meaning, facts and beliefs, data and interpretation. Blind followers of unexamined dogmas will be forced to confront the irrefutable truth, as well as the consequences of lazy thinking.

Mercury / Kochav joins Venus then retrograde on May 29. Idealism is tested; Is “good enough” close enough to “perfect”, or is “perfect” a constantly moving and unreachable target? What can you live with – and what can you learn to live without? A clue could appear at the trine of Venus to Jupiter on June 2, supporting prosperity, fun, and positive vibes.

Intense power struggles over personal and public safety issues kick off a long, hot summer when Mars / Ma’adim in Cancer / Sartan clashes with Pluto in Capricorn / Gidi on June 5th. The tribal ruler of Sivan Zevulon was the ability to communicate with all people, not just one’s own. Communicating with clarity and integrity protects against harmful misunderstandings. May the truth be your shield during times of turbulence!

Aries / Taleh

You owe for divine revelation at the Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius / Keshet on May 26, revealing contradictions, hypocrisies and leadership gaps within the religious community of your choice. Remember that the way God relates to you depends on your relationships with others. Mars / Ma’adim trine Neptune / Rahav on May 31, allowing for creative resolution of family issues raised by the revealing of ancestral secrets. Tribal Chief Yehudah knew how to speak the truth to power; Mars’ dramatic and intense opposition to Pluto on June 4 is your own test of power confrontation with your personal truth.

Taurus / Shor

The Venus / Noga planetary rule prescription for all kinds of heartache is to “shower the people you love with love,” and it’s your job to spread kindness this month. Tie the wounds of the broken heart when Venus sextiles Comet Chiron, known as the “wounded healer,” on May 18. Demonstrate your loving maturity on May 19 at the Venus trine to Saturn / Shabbatai. Discern between illusion and idealism on May 27 in Venus Square in Neptune / Rahav. And win the love jackpot on June 2 at the beneficent and magnanimous trine of Venus in Jupiter / Tzedek. Others look at your example; set the highest standard.

Gemini / T’omim

The planetary ruler Mercury / Kochav trines Saturn / Shabbatai on Rosh Chodesh Sivan (the first day of the month, May 12-13) with the moon in Gemini, allowing meaningful reflections and sober decision making. Although tribal chief Zevulon’s spiritual work involves travel, this year the journey is more important than the destination. Mercury places Neptune / Rahav on May 22, requiring lucid decision making. Mercury is in conjunction with Venus / Noga and retrograde on May 29, reminding you that love cannot be left behind in your rush to escape feelings of confinement. Mercury retrograde repeats its square to Neptune on June 5, asking you to review and reconfirm the decisions made in May. Choose wisely.

Cancer / Sartan

First quarter moon in Leo / Aryeh with Venus / Noga trine Saturn / Shabbatai May 19 reveals the promise of prosperity. Family matters have priority from May 14 to 16; do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. The “Super Blood” Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26 gives your body-mind connection a serious wake-up call. Devote yourself to protecting and strengthening your health. Take Reuven’s tribal chief example as an imperative to prioritize emotional well-being as part of a holistic approach to what is afflicting you. The last quarter moon in Pisces / Dagim with Venus entering Cancer on June 2 provides healing by unlocking creative channels.

Leo / Aryeh

Make friends and influence people on May 13th with the Neptune / Rahav solar sextile; your charm quotient is high. Sun trines Pluto with the moon in Leo on May 17th, bestowing enormous powers of charismatic persuasion. Sun square Jupiter / Tzedek May 21 enlarges your already generous nature. Sun sextiles Comet Chiron, known as the “wounded healer,” and the Saturn / Shabbatai trine on June 2-3, making you unusually sensitive to the vulnerabilities of others. Tribal Chief Shimon’s the lesson for life used its power to protect the weak and helpless. Your strength is a refuge for those in need; once standing, they will never forget your protection.

Virgo / Betulah

Mercury / Kochav in Gemini / T’omim Neptune / Rahav in Pisces / Dagim squares on May 22 and again during Mercury retrogradation on May 5. The square occurs again on July 5 with direct Mercury. Decisions about your family life and your partnerships – whether to keep them, to reject them, or to change them in some way or another – must be made in a lucid manner, and this time is not conducive to clarity. . Mercury in conjunction with Venus / Noga on May 29 at Mercury retrograde; if you have withheld communication on important life issues, they will surely emerge now. Be absolutely and ruthlessly honest with yourself before anyone else.

Libra / Moznayim

Venus / Noga joins the North Lunar Node on May 17th, opening up a sense of freedom and space over your future that you haven’t felt for a long time. Suddenly you can see the forest for the trees and make some bold decisions that don’t just look good, but fair. The “superblood” full moon / total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius / Keshet on May 26 forces one to speak the truth for the sake of personal autonomy; speak your heart without fear. Venus between the sensitive Cancer / Sartan on June 2 and Jupiter / Tzedek trine on June 3, fantastic luck in business and career. Ask and you will receive!

Scorpio / Akrav

The sun trine to Pluto on May 17th powerfully stimulates your personal charisma, and Mars / Ma’adim Neptune / Rahav trine on May 31st energizes your imagination. However, the big event of this month is the opposition of your traditional and modern planetary rulers: Mars in Cancer / Sartan facing Pluto in Capricorn / Gidi on June 5. The tension between your logical thoughts and emotional beliefs, especially around security issues, comes to a head. Confronting your own fears is one thing; abandoning them to the Divine Will is another. It is imperative to discern between facts and feelings; a trusted and sober friend can help open the doors of perception.

Sagittarius / Keshet

Jupiter / Tzedek temporarily enters Pisces / Dagim on May 13, retrograde in June, then back into Aquarius / D’li, the dominant sign of the Jewish people, in July. This brief sojourn provides a glimpse of Jupiter in Pisces for much of 2022. Spiritual wisdom, global thinking, faith, and optimism are finally restored after what feels like a long drought. The “Super Blood” Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 brings you back to your roots in several ways. You have been here before, but not as you are now; accumulated wisdom, hard-earned experience, deeper self-knowledge, and faith tested by fire are your greatest assets. Venus trine Jupiter June 3: Jackpot!

Capricorn / Gidi

With retrograde Saturn / Shabbatai starting on May 23 and the Full “Super Blood” / Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius / Keshet on May 26, you will reexamine the subconscious motivations behind recent lifestyle choices. If trauma motivated these decisions, now is the time to unwrap the long suppressed vulnerabilities and expose them to the light of consciousness to truly facilitate deep healing. Sun trine Saturn on June 3, with Venus / Noga trine Jupiter / Tzedek. It empowers and supports a safe space to examine the feelings behind your actions with wisdom, maturity, and self-care. Channel Dan’s tribal chief fierce protection around your own emotional well-being.

Aquarius / D’li

The resistance to innovations you have initiated in the workplace comes as a surprise, especially since your ideas are almost always for the greater good. Mercury / Kochav trine Saturn / Shabbatai on May 12th, promoting clearer communication. Venus / Noga trines Saturn on May 19, giving sober realism and an accurate assessment of the state of intimate relationships. Practice exquisite integrity in all communications with your friends, community and affinity groups during the “Super Blood” Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26th. The meticulous truth to yourself and to others saves you from a world of suffering.

Pisces / Dagim

Your “Mazal” is really “Tov” now: Jupiter / Tzedek’s summer sojourn through Pisces from May 13 is a foretaste of his long sojourn in your sign for much of 2022. Dreams and visions, imagination and curiosity, faith and optimism are making a long-awaited comeback – and not a moment too soon! Place Venus / Noga Neptune / Rahav May 27 and Mars / Ma’adim trine Neptune May 31, greatly energizing your creative flow. The big jackpot comes on June 3rd with a large and beautiful trine from Venus in Cancer / Sartan to Jupiter in Pisces. Anything you touch can turn to gold; grace and favor are in your corner now. Enjoy!


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