US nuclear takes 5% of the resource capital of the pioneer solar system in space mining

Los Angeles, California, Jun 9, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – On June 4, 2021, US Nuclear (OTCQB: UCLE) signed an agreement to acquire a 5% stake in Solar System Resources Corporation Sp. Z oo, thereby advancing US Nuclear’s portfolio of high-tech startups. US Nuclear and Solar System Resources has decided to keep the details of the transaction private.

Solar System Resources is a space mining company that performs localization, in situ verification and mining of space resources. US Nuclear will work with Solar System Resources and other partners to build a value chain starting with the extraction and sale of precious helium-3, lanthanide metals and other vital or precious materials from space deposits.

This is just the latest investment from US Nuclear, which can be seen as a holding company and incubator with stakes in very innovative and promising companies. US Nuclear owns 100% of its three main operating divisions, including Technical Associates, Overhoff Technology Corporation and ECC X-ray, and a minority stake in several other partner companies, including:

  • Small stake in MIFTI for cost-effective, carbon-free fusion power generation to supply global multi-billion dollar electrical power needs

  • 10% stake in MIFTEC for the production of low cost, locally available, urgently needed medical isotopes using MIFTI fusion technology

  • 40% stake in Grapheton for the production of new advanced glass and carbon based neural neural sensors and supercapacitors with possible application in the production of integrated circuit chips and the drive chain and charging of electric vehicles

  • 5% stake in Solar System Resources Corporation for the location and extraction of precious helium-3 in addition to rare, precious and critical earth metals from planets, moons and asteroids

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Investors can find additional information regarding US Nuclear Corp. on the SEC’s website at, or on the company’s website at


US Nuclear Corp. (OTCQB: UCLE)

Robert I. Goldstein, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Rachel Boulds, Chief Financial Officer

(818) 883 7043


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