WATCH: Former Miss Universe PH Rachel Peters opens up about her pregnancy journey

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MANILA – Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters and her fiancé, the governor of Camarines Sur, Migz Villafuerte, are “in heaven” as they prepare to welcome their first child.

In a video posted to her YouTube page on Tuesday, the former beauty queen said she and her longtime boyfriend decided to start a family after their marriage was postponed last year due to the pandemic.

“We had found the most perfect wedding venue and everything was working until this pandemic hit. So while our wedding plans had to be postponed for now, we decided to make some changes in our way of doing it. life with one goal in mind. ” Peters said, as Villafuerte ended his sentence by saying: “start a family”.

According to Peters, it was “not that easy” for her to get pregnant, saying it took “months of blood tests, doctor’s visits and different treatments to balance my hormones and even be able to start trying. to have a baby. ”

“It was worth it because about a year later we had the best news ever,” she said.

In her vlog, Peters gave her viewers a glimpse of some of her emotional moments, like the moment her doctor told her on the phone that she was finally pregnant.

The host also spoke of spending most of her first term alone, as Villafuerte had to return to Camarines Sur to fulfill his duties as a civil servant.

This was the moment, she said, when “reality started to come into play.”

“Migz flew for our first ultrasound, but had to return to work in the province a few days later, leaving me with a jar of ice cream, sour candies, a big puzzle and my over-active thoughts,” she declared.

“Doctor’s orders were pretty straightforward, and it was bed rest until the end of the first trimester. It was really difficult for me, ”she admitted. “Basically I had to give up some aspect of my lifestyle in an instant. I have always traveled a lot, loved spending time with friends, sharing a coffee or a bottle of wine. I worked almost every day. And, of course, you can’t forget about the sushi and the cold cuts. “

“Talking to friends about their experiences and watching videos of other pregnant women on their travels kept me sane during the few months I spent locked up on my own.”

Looking back, Peters acknowledged that her pregnancy journey so far has been “not all flowers and sunshine”, saying “a lot of tears have been shed”.

As she marks her fifth month, she said she was “thankful that our baby has been so good to me”.

“We are extremely grateful for this blessing that has come at such a crazy time in the world, and we are so excited to see what the future holds,” she said.

Peters rose to fame after representing the Philippines in the 2017 Miss Universe pageant, where she finished in the Top 10.

She was also one of the hosts of the Metro Channel show “Beached” with Marc Nelson.

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