What are the Houses in astrology and what do they signify?

Whenever we read a horoscope (if you haven’t read your horoscope forecast for September yet, then what are you waiting for?) we usually come across words like zone, sector and section. For example: “The Moon will highlight your Romance zone.”. Or: “Saturn passes through your Friendship sector.” All of these words are synonymous with the more technical astrological term Houses. There are 12 Houses in everyone’s birth chart and, as we will see later, each corresponds to a major and essential aspect of our life: love, friendship, money, identity, health, etc.

As the planets transit through the Houses, the energies of both interact to create drama in our lives. If, for example, analytical Mercury highlights our 11th House of Friendship, we might find ourselves getting very picky about who we choose to date. Even though there are only 12 houses and 7 major planets, the amount of dramatic intrigue this cosmic house can represent is nearly endless.

With all that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the houses themselves. Then the next time we read a horoscope referring to, say, our “currency zone”, we won’t just nod politely, as if we’re listening, but we won’t quite understand a guy at the bar talking about cryptocurrency.

Below is a comprehensive guide to what the Houses are in astrology and what each means.

1st House: Self

In the beginning was House 1, associated with face and complexion, ego, identity and selfhood. This is the part of the chart that reveals how we appear to others but also how we think about ourselves and the world in the calm of introspection. The 1st House rules over the head and the spirit. When, for example, a warrior Mars is placed there, we get personality types that can fight with themselves or are in internal conflict. Quicksilver Mercury (communication) finds his “joy” here, as he is able to convey words from his head to the world with alacrity. Venus (beauty) in the 1st House tends towards a comely appearance. Etc. This is the house that completes “I AM…”

House 2: Money

Our money karma is played out in House 2. But not just money. This area of ​​the chart also refers to earnings, assets, value, and possessions. In short, ownership of things. Restrictive Saturn transiting here can augur a time to hide money or limit our spending, while expansive Jupter suggests an increase in possessions or fortune. Reckless Mars does not fare well here, hinting at risky financial behavior. Mercury indicates insight. If the 1st House helps to complete the sentence I AM, the 2nd House deals with “I HAVE”.

House 3: Communication

All forms of communication relate to the 3rd House – sending letters, spreading rumors, texting friends, giving speeches, writing articles. But the 3rd House also governs short journeys. As a result, the changing Moon has its “joy” in this House, and when in transit here, it augurs more travels, errands, busy movements back and forth. Mercury (communication) in the 3rd house indicates the precision of our words, while expansive Jupiter can point to prolific production. This house is also about siblings, cousins ​​and neighbors. Belligerent Mars transiting the 3 could therefore predict something like verbal arguments with a sibling. Venus, on the other hand, gives them sweet nothings. The house of “I SAY”.

4th House: Home

We usually condense the meaning of the 4th house to matters related to the house, but it also has to do with land, properties, and inheritance. More than all that, perhaps, this house belongs to the Father or the father figures. The Sun transiting here predicts an auspicious time to be with Dad, while Jupiter luck could suggest an increase in property. If Saturn, planet of lack, could mean the loss of the house, then the beautiful Venus points to a transit to beautify it. The house of “J’HABITE”.

House 5: romanticism

One of the best houses, it deals with pleasure, romance, creation, leisure and procreation. It is associated with nightlife, pleasures and taverns. To be aligned with its energy, we need to be on the go, looking for trouble or love. It is also the home of creativity, fertility of mind and body. Physiologically, the 5th house corresponds to the liver (drinking), stomach (eating) and heart (loving). Disporting Venus has her “joy” in this part of the chart, which makes sense because Venus indicates desire and pleasure. When Venus or the Moon frolics here, beware or prepare for pregnancies, while austere Saturn dries up the seeds of abundance. “I CREATE.”

House 6: Routine

Ordinary house of everyday life, the 6 means diet, routine, busy work and health. Maleficent Mars has its “joy” here. Mars likes to put its energy to good use, and this section of the card rightly presides over tasks. The 6 also relates to your work environment, your employees, your pets and your habits. The Sun here portends a good time for medical checkups, while transits of Mercury indicate energy for good nutrition and calorie counting. “I WORK” is the spirit animal of this house.

House 7: Relationships

One of the main houses, this part of the theme deals with partnerships (business, spouses), marriages, relationships, love affairs and love matters. If the 1st House is entirely devoted to oneself, it is the House of the other. What are the main karmic connections that I have to work with people outside the lines of mother, father, brothers and sisters? This Chamber also refers to contractual agreements (legal, commercial, marriage contracts). When the New Moon passes through here, it suggests a time to ask a partner questions. A full moon delimits a time to answer it. Belligerent Mars can indicate power struggles in the 7th. Venus and Jupiter, on the other hand, indicate understanding and harmony. Since this house relates to marriage, its verb could be “I DO”.

House 8: Debt

Perhaps the hardest house to understand, this part of the chart is about financial debt – what we owe others, but also what others owe us. It concerns wills, legacies and last wills. In this sense, the 8th House is haunted by the shadow of death and how we will die. To make matters even more complicated, it also references sex, taxes, and spiritual transformation. In medical astrology, he rules the genitals. So, in addition to debt and death, this house has something to do with sexual intimacy – sharing and fulfilling our fantasies. In a more modern valence, it is about shared finances. Ultimately, there is an occult, dark, and intuitive energy in this house. Beware of those who claim to understand the 8th house. “I MUST” or “I SHARE”.

House 9: Spirituality

Formerly, it was the House of Religion. In our more secular times, it refers to spiritual practice and higher education. As a corollary, it also points to long-distance travel. The purpose of this House is to lift the mind or body from commonplaces to higher ones, either physically (as in a life-changing journey abroad) or mentally through knowledge, books, spiritual insight. Naturally, wise Jupiter loves this house (and points to things like studying abroad). The Sun has its “joy” here too, which makes sense since the Sun and knowledge are connected to the spirit. Unlike the 8th house, the architecture of the 9th seems simpler and clearer. His mantra: “I LEARN”.

House 10: Career

Again, one of the great houses. Since the 10th house deals with career and public persona, it relates somewhat to the 1st house: both parts of the chart relate to how we are perceived by others. The 10th house relates strictly to recognition in the public sphere, however. It also refers to profession and vocation, honors and awards. Some call it the house of fame. Unlike the 6th house (which applies more to busy work and tasks), the 10th is deeper. It’s about calling. Sad Saturn here can deny professional recognition, while expansive Jupiter and the Sun increase it. This house also takes care of the Mother. The Moon transiting on the 10th could cause him problems. Ultimately, it is the house of effort: “J’ACCOMPAGNE”.

House 11: Friendship

In our social media moment, the 11th House of Friendship probably means more to us than it did to the ancients. This house organizes under its heading friends, associates and social networks. It deals, in part, with betrayals, trust and confidence. Hopes and wishes also live under his roof. Jupiter has his “joy” in this house and, when transiting there, tends to pass luck through acquaintances (eg, getting a job through someone you know). Harmonious Venus, a social planet, also likes this placement, while Mars can lead to internal fights with your friends. The motto of the 11th house: “I TRUST”.

House 12: Secrets

Like the 8th house, this one tends to exist beyond clear explanations. It designates secret affairs, the unconscious, dreams and sleep. It deals with hidden enemies. Everything in this house is in shadow. It evokes past traumas and can cause tribulation and heartache. Fittingly, sinister, mischief-making Saturn has its “joy” here. This part of the chart has something to do with learning to let go of emotional baggage for spiritual growth. In this regard, “I RELEASE” is her middle name.

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