What fans want to see most in the Game of Thrones crossover

Black Knights of Steelthe latest maxi-series from DC Comics, has a DC Universe set in a fantasy world similar to game of thrones. Written by Tom Taylor, whose previous limited series for DC have included Injustice based on the popular game, and Deceasedwhich found heroes and villains facing zombified versions of friends and foes.

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Like those previous stories, the Black Knights of Steel The DCU incarnation finds different incarnations of the iconic heroes, some familiar and some unfamiliar. As the maxi-series reaches halfway through, there are still plenty of opportunities for Taylor to play in the sandbox and give readers some interesting takes on these classic characters.

ten The kingdom of Atlantis would be a formidable ally or change the balance of power in the universe

The underwater kingdom of Atlantis is a major player in the power structure of the DC Universe, but has yet to be seen in the series. In issue #2 of the series, it appears that this universe’s Aquaman has been imprisoned in a dungeon by Bruce as part of perceived magical threats to the kingdom.

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As the various realms of the universe find themselves on the brink of war, the introduction and involvement of Atlantis could determine the outcome and the balance of power. The Atlantean forces, led by Mera or Ocean Master, would be a formable force that either realm would have to reckon with.

9 The Shadowpact’s Remaining Magical Characters Could Save Their Fellow Captives

Issue #2 of the series also revealed many other hero lookalikes found in the main DC Universe, such as The Flash and Hawkgirl. There are also known magical characters such as Blue Devil and Detective Chimp. In pre-Flashpoint continuity, Blue Devil and Detective Chimp were part of Shadowpact, a team made up of members such as Enchantress, Nightshade, and Knightmaster. The remaining members of the old team could be recruited by Constantine, who believes the Kingdom of El’s war against magic users is largely down to The Batman. The additional inclusion of magical characters would add to the sense of fantasy the series is already built on.

8 Booster Gold & Blue Beetle would add a touch of levity to the series

In the series, Harley Quinn is the court jester of the Kingdom of the Els and verbally spars with Batman and other members of the Court. However, there were few humorous moments to break the tension Taylor created. The Booster Gold and Blue Beetle duo could easily fill the role and provide some lighter moments to cut the tension.

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These two could be introduced as secondary characters, like a pair of mercenaries, merchants, or budding travelers who arrive in one of the courtyards. The Blue and Gold team would add some much-needed levity to the story being told.

seven The Silent Knight would be the perfect identity for Bruce since he’s presumed dead

At the end of issue four, Kal learns that Bruce is his brother and stabs him with a piece of Kryptonite, leaving him for dead. Bruce is later found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who remove the Kryptonite and bring him back to their farm to heal him. Kal and Bruce are expected to face off again as the series reaches its climax. However, while it’s a long shot, Bruce’s return would be the perfect opportunity for Taylor to have Bruce adopt the moniker The Silent Knight, coined by Robert Kanigher and Irv Novick in 1955. The Silent Knight, whose real name is Brian Kent, is an ancestor of Jonathan Kent, the adoptive father of Superman, who would be a deep reference of the golden age.

6 Azrael and the Order of Saint Dumas would be a perfect addition to the universe

Azrael and the Order of St. Dumas fit right into the Dark Knights of Steel universe as the new enforcers of the Kingdom of El after Batman’s death. The genetically engineered assassin and the Order of St. Dumas could ideally take over the role Batman filled for the Court of El.

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The Order of St. Dumas – the organization that created and programmed Azrael as his avenging hand – would be a powerful ally and a force to be reckoned with for anyone who opposes them. Azrael and his split personality (caused by the Order’s programming) would also make him an exciting character to fit into the current character mix.

5 The Dark Knights Of Steel Universe Would Open Up Many New Interpretations Of The Doom Patrol Members

In the regular DC Universe, the Doom Patrol represents some of the weirdest and wackiest characters, combining aspects of science and fantasy. Introducing the Doom Patrol to the Dark Knights of Steel universe would be an exciting take on core team members like Robotman, Elasti-Woman, Negative Man, or Flex Mentallo. The Doom Patrol could be creatively introduced, like a group of outcasts, a band of mercenaries, or a traveling circus visiting the realm. Bringing the Doom Patrol into the universe wouldn’t be too complicated. It has already been mentioned that the Metal Men were destroyed by whoever collected the Kryptonite shard.

4 The pieces are already in place for bringing a Suicide Squad into the universe

Including a medieval version of Suicide Squad would be a simple addition to the universe, and it looks like the seeds for the team have already been planted in the first half of the series. Introduced in the second issue, Amanda Waller is a general in the Court of El and at odds with The Batman following the assassination of King Jor-El.

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Waller could use his position at the Court and Batman prisoners in captivity and offer them the usual schtick of “freedom to help”. Taylor would also be able to come up with a medieval fantasy way that Waller could terminate members if they got out of line.

3 Taylor has shown he understands the relationship between Constantine and the Swamp Thing, making Swampy a perfect foil for John.

John Constantine has been a big part of the show from the start, so it would only be fitting if his frenemy, Swamp Thing, was his perfect foil. First introduced as a secondary character in the Swamp Thing Saga #37, the two have always shared a difficult connection and friendship. The history between the two has been one of fragile trust, especially since their agendas in the magic corner of the DCU are in conflict most of the time. In his Deceased: Dead Planet series, Taylor has proven he understands the relationship between the two, and it would be interesting to see how they interact in the Dark Knights of Steel universe.

2 It would be interesting to see more iconic DC villains in the Dark Knights Of Steel story

So far in the series, the central conflict has been between Kal and Bruce and the various realms of the realm, focusing on the heroes of the DCU. This lens works for the story, but it would be great to see some of this world’s versions of the main universe villains. So far in the story, only a few of the many villains have been introduced, some of whom have been merged.

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The DCU has many unique villains that would be interesting to see with a medieval twist. Luther, a former member of the court when the Waynes ruled, became a Joker-like character after finding Kryptonite. Poison Ivy is the other villain to appear, but her character almost resembles her counterpart in the main universe.

1 The inclusion of the New Gods would open up the possibilities for future stories in this universe.

If the series’ current success and reception is any indication, there are plenty more stories to tell in this particular DC Universe. The story potential is endless, but the inclusion of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World would be a logical progression for the story. The introduction and potential threat of the New Gods could be a unifying event that could bring the realms together depending on how the current series unfolds in the second half of the story.

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