What is the spiritual significance of the hunter’s moon? An astrologer explains

Between a rocky retrograde Mercury and a supercharged new moon in Libra, October astrology has been full of intensity. But the spooky season tips aren’t over yet, as the full moon that rises on October 20 brings the lunar cycle (and our emotions) to a climax. The October 2021 Full Moon (aka Hunter’s Moon or Blood Moon) is filled with fiery energy that will help us defend ourselves and regain our power. The spiritual significance of the Hunter’s Moon is to activate our inner warrior as we prepare to enter the darker half of the year.

Full moons in astrology mark the energetic climax of the moon’s monthly journey through the zodiac, so they often give us a sense of enlightenment and can inflate our feelings. Because the situations in our life naturally come to their climax or to their conclusions under these lunations, they are ideal for letting go and releasing any energy that is stuck in you. When it comes to the October 2021 Full Moon (which takes place in the territory of the fire sign Aries), this is the time to let go of any relationships, beliefs, or habits that keep you from being a leader in your own life and get what you want.

Aligning with the spiritual energy of the full moon is a great way to ground yourself, embrace self-improvement, and feel more connected with the natural cycle of the planets. Read on to learn about the spiritual significance of the October 2021 Full Moon and how to harness its mystical power.

What is the spiritual significance of the October full moon?

The hunter’s moon is a nickname given to the first full moon that occurs after the harvest moon (i.e. the full moon that occurs closest to the date of the fall equinox). Because this year’s harvest moon fell in September, the great October lunation is the hunter’s moon – and it owes its name to the fact that it traditionally marked a good time to hunt game in preparation for the season. winter. The spiritual significance of the October 2021 Full Moon symbolically aligns with the warlike vibe of Hunter’s Moon’s origin story, as its cosmic challenges will require us to use our skills, patience, and power to secure the bag and make the most of this energy harvest.

The October Full Moon rises in the final days of the Libra 2021 season, which will bring the themes we’ve covered over the past month to an epic climax or powerful conclusion. “This full moon in Aries is spicy and not for the faint of heart as it should bring intense emotions to the surface,” said astrologer Narayana Montúfar, author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Light Power Bustle said. “This is the culmination of all the work we’ve been doing throughout Libra season, which will recalibrate our relationships so that we can live more authentically.”

Other traditional October full moon nicknames include blood moon or blood moon, both of which foreshadow the darker side of that lunation. The moon will be locked in a tension-filled T-square with the sun, aggressive Mars, and power-hungry Pluto, which means we’ll want to arm ourselves for a proverbial hunt. This kind of planetary drama can cause frustration and emotional outbursts for all zodiac signs, but instead of causing a tantrum, use it as a challenge to defend yourself and make healthy compromises in order to achieve your goals. Goals.

How to work with this full moon energy

Because the October 2021 Full Moon takes place in Aries, it highlights the need for independence, bravery, and leadership in our lives. And given that it’s the first full moon of the fall season, it’s important to trust the universe and boldly accept the inevitable changes that lie ahead. Because Mercury retrograde ended just 48 hours before the peak of this full moon, it is also a good time to speak your truth in relationships and clearly state your needs to others. After a long and frustrating retrograde build-up, now is your chance to step up, express yourself, and clear the air.

The season of Libra has focused on finding peace in our partnerships, but the spiritual significance of the October 2021 Full Moon is to find peace within ourselves, even if we have to fight for it. . “Letting go of anger, frustration and resentment will be necessary under this full moon,” says Montúfar. “This lunation helps us eliminate what no longer serves us so that we can begin to make room for the new.” Be brave and venture into the eye of the emotional storm of this Full Moon, for now is the time to step into your power and stand up for your truth.

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