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Zodiac signs are an integral part of our identities, which is why many of us choose to show them proudly. If you wear your heart on your sleeve like a sentimental Cancer, or if you’re a social butterfly like a talkative Gemini, own it! But if something like zodiac jewelry (that we all for), is a bit too front and center for you, embrace your zodiac sign with something more subtle, like zodiac candles.

Our homes need to reflect exactly who we are, and our zodiac sign is a big piece of that puzzle. What better way to add a touch of astrological energy to your space than by lighting up a zodiac candle? Design boutique owned by LGBTQ + and women Lockwood offers tons of beautiful candles including these zodiac candles, personalized for each sign.

We love the free and funky aesthetic of these zodiac labels so much that we want to buy both the candles for our sun sign and our rising sign, TBH. Every 11 zodiac candles have the same scent: champagne, bourbon, and orange peel (which sounds like a beach party vibe in a candle to us). They weigh eight fluid ounces and will burn for 60 hours.

As the first fire sign of the zodiac, the Aries zodiac candle has bright pink flames on its label. Turn this on and channel your fiery energy.

Leos are warm, as is an orange and yellow sunset, which makes this label ideal.

To reflect this earth sign, the Virgo zodiac candle is decorated with lush leaves.

The Libra Zodiac Candle embraces the sign’s love for beauty and romance with pink accents and cursive font.

Capricorns are the most ambitious zodiac sign, so these rays leading to the clouds symbolize their rise to the top of their game.

As a water carrier, it is evident that waves decorate your zodiac candle, Aquarius.


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