Astrology: William and Kate have a strong astrological compatibility

Astrology expert Jessica Adams spoke exclusively to about the main characteristics of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and how they complement each other.

Jessica said: “Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is a solar Capricorn. Capricorn is the mountain goat who patiently climbs to the top.

“Before Prince William proposed, Kate was nicknamed ‘Waity Katie’ and people born under this sign have great powers of endurance, both in love, as parents and in their careers.”

The couple started dating in 2001, and Prince William gave his beloved a promise ring.

Diamond expert Steven Stone described the piece as a “gold ring with pearls and garnets, which she wore on her middle finger.”

“Set on a Victorian rose gold ring, the ring features two garnets which are Kate’s birthstone for January and pearls to represent William’s birthstone for June.”

Jessica continued, “The true Capricorn is ambitious from a young age and by the time Saturn returns second, around the age of 60, they will generally have achieved great success personally, professionally, academically or out of charity.”

As Kate Middleton nears her 40th birthday on January 9, she is already adored by the nation for her activism and support for causes such as early childhood support and children’s mental health.

Her husband, Prince William, is a Cancer of the Sun, who is represented by the crab.

“People with cancer carry their childhood and adolescence with them, and they also have strong feelings for their home, their hometown and their homeland.

“Cancer the Crab carries his roof on his back, and William (like his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales) was born under the sign associated with home and family property, for better or for worse.”

It suggests an inherent loyalty and dedication to the family, which the prince certainly exemplifies.

As for their astrological journey as a couple, the royal couple has “very well” survived the cycle of Pluto in Capricorn since 2008.

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He must have “severely tested their marriage, for it produces power struggles and questions of control.”

Jessica added: “William in particular had this cycle in his area of ​​marriage, in his Cancer horoscope. Kate had it in her picture and profile area. Most interesting!

“Testing ends in 2023 and is a distant memory of 2024, for reasons that are unknown to us.”

Regarding their love compatibility, Kate and William are extremely well suited.

Indeed, said, “When Cancer and Capricorn have a loving marriage, they are a heavenly couple of great tenacity and determination.”

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Jessica explained, “Capricorn Kate wants a man who can take her higher, with his professional and social ambitions. The Sun woman in Capricorn is ambitious to reach the top – and to be with the best people.”

She explained: “The other famous British Capricorn Kate is a good example – Kate Moss.

“Kate Middleton, as she once was, found in William a formidable partner for her fiery and climactic nature.”

As for Kate’s impact on her husband’s life: “William wants a family from Kate and he got one.”

She concluded: “As a Cancer Sun man with the type of birth chart he has, he is still very close to his mother (Cancer rules mother-child relationships) and needs a surrogate – a perfect parent to his children but also a caring, protective woman to look after him as well. Kate understands that and, like Diana, does the trick. “

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