Billie razors: Launch of the astrological set

Billie’s razors are sharp, precise and you can swap out the blades rather than throw the razor away once it’s gotten a little dull – in fact, the brand is our pick for best women’s razors after extensive testing. And now we have another reason to love the brand, thanks to a new launch inspired by astrology and tailored to your star sign.

Available for sale today, the new set comes with a shimmering lilac handle, two blades, a magnetic holder, a travel case and one of 12 different shaving creams, scented to match your sign. astrological.

The shaving creams were designed in collaboration with internet-famous astrologer Nadine Jane to reflect what self-care means to you: fuzz with romantic pink rose and sea salt, for example. (A short reading for each sign is also included on the product page.


If you’re not familiar with Billie, the whole concept is that women’s bodies have a lot more curves and angles than men’s when we’re talking about the areas we wax. Not only that, but Billie has discovered that women shave 10 times the area, which means our blades get used a lot.

The full set is available for $23, and once you’re done with these blades, a new four-pack will set you back just $10 – much cheaper than keeping replacing your blades with a brand new pack every time. (and better for the environment too).

To shop the new launch, replace your blades, or stock up on clean toiletries for the rest of your routine, head to Quantities of this set of star signs are limited, so don’t wait too long to get started.

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