Curvy Woman Among Singles Seeking Astrology-Guided Romance on Prime Video’s ‘Cosmic Love’

Oregon has sent its share of attractive men and women looking for love on TV dating shows such as ‘The Bachelor’, ‘The Bachelorette’, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, ‘Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer “, and many others. The trend continues with “Cosmic Love,” a new dating show that begins streaming Friday on Prime Video.

(How to watch: “Cosmic Love” streams exclusively on Prime Video. All 10 episodes begin airing Friday, August 12)

Like other dating shows, “Cosmic Love” features a cast of singles who come together in a scenic location. The new wrinkle is that “Cosmic Love” takes an astrological approach to pairing.

The show brings together four people who each represent one of the four elements of astrology – i.e. air, fire, water and earth, in case your knowledge of astrology is a bit default.

The main four, as the show says, are then introduced to a group of eligible men and women. Will the quartet choose the person who, according to the stars, is their ideal partner? Or not?

The four bachelors challenged to choose are Maria Rodriguez, a Capricorn who represents the earth element; Phoebe Davis, a Leo (and originally from Spokane, Washington) who represents the element of fire; Connor Shennan, a Gemini representing the air element; and Noel Allen, a Pisces representing the water element.

Among the 16 singles who are brought into the “social experiment,” as the show describes it, are Danae DeSpain, a 32-year-old Leo who the show’s ad describes as an “astrology buff” and “a Adventurous lion who was raised in beautiful Bend, Oregon, and now lives out of her suitcase as she travels the world.Obsessed with all things spiritual and self-care (and her cavapoo Lily La Roux), Danae has worked in social marketing and real estate and is currently focused on building a cosmically inspired lifestyle brand.

The show’s astrologers are authors Ophira and Tali Edut, also known as “The AstroTwins,” whose analyzes – which signs make the best matches, individual sign traits, and more. – are provided via the “Astro Chamber”, an all-knowing entity that is voiced by Cree Summer.

Star-studded references abound, as singles visit “The Elements Lounge” and “The Celestial Sanctuary,” in addition to getting to know each other, going on dates, and more.

According to the show’s ad, viewers can expect “16 star matches, 12 eliminations (more or less – you’ll have to watch!), four possible proposals, and four possible marriages.”

-Kristi Turnquist

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