Does Astrology Really Help You Find A Perfect Match?

Astrology helps you or anyone in everything! Whether it’s finding a perfect partner or starting a new business? Astrology illuminates your path with its knowledge. The only hurdle here in astrology is knowing where to get your consultation!

Our recommendation: Choose an astrologer who has college degrees and a thorough understanding of science and how the planets and stars govern an individual’s birth chart. An astrologer should hold the power and understand that every individual is different, every birth chart and every house location is different, because 2 different individuals, the solutions to a common problem cannot be common!

Now back to the question, does astrology really help you find a perfect match? Yes, it will surely help you understand what type of personality you can bond with! But yes, be careful, only Gun Milan is not enough. To find out whether an individual is fit or not… the astrologer must carefully read the Kundlis of both partners, which will help him give you predictions about the nature of the two personalities. Compatibility is surely beyond Gun Milan or simply Horoscope match.

Internationally acclaimed and one of the best astrologers in India, Jyotishacharya Hemant Barua has unveiled many variations and reasons for Match Making.

In ancient times, Kundli Match Making was a step where the parents of the groom and the bride used to visit a priest/pandit in a temple and within minutes just by checking the Nakshatra of both individuals, the priest/pandit would use to report the number of gun matches. Which is surely an incorrect method! Can the compatibility of 2 completely unknown or different people be established in such a short time? NO! A proper Match Making process is a long but precise method. One of the best Vedic astrologers Jyotishacharya Hemant Barua briefly explained the concept. There are 12 Rashis/Zodiac Signs which are divided into 27 Nakshatra and each Nakshatra has a dedicated letter and it has a nature. There is a standard chart established for Gun Milan or Match Making which the majority of priests usually refer to. This table contains all Nakshatras of girls and boys.

Each zodiac sign has its own temperament and for Kundli Matchmaking as endorsed by one of the best astrologers in India Jyotishacharya Hemant Barua, there are many things to consider. Some of them are Dasha, Planetary Alignment, Mangal and many others. It used to be that keeping track of children’s birth details wasn’t so fashionable, so the Gun Milan was made based on name alone. In addition, at this time, only the emotional compatibility of the future couple was checked. But nowadays, things and relationships have completely changed. While Jyotisacharya Hemant Barua does the matchmaking he examines various aspects such as fortune, longevity, financial status, emotional strength, physical stamina, harmony, acceptability, interest and many more . Also, the very important check is the Mangal Dosha check. India’s top astrologer, Jyotishacharya Hemant Barua has shattered the Mangal Dosha myth. According to him, 95% of the Manglik Dosha is canceled! There are about 376 Yogas through which Mangal Dosha is considered nullified. Note that only positives are unchecked, negatives are also considered, such as early death, extramarital affairs, more than one marriage and more.

The things mentioned above are some of the reasons why matchmaking is not as easy as it seems. For parents, finding a suitable match for their child has always been a challenge, many times they get a suitable profile, but falling into the trap of inappropriate matchmaking or believing Mangal Dosha misconceptions makes them reject the proposal. Here is the role of a renowned and educated astrologer who guides you. Trust one of India’s top astrologers, Hemant Barua, who has an honest commitment to astrology. Thanks to his knowledge and his research, he broke the myths about astrology. We hope after reading this article you will be saved from misconceptions and incorrect methods of Gunmilan & Matchmaking.

Hemant Barua has received over 100 prestigious awards. And most recently, he was awarded the Global Shrestham & International Jyotish Ratna Award for his wonderful contribution and research work on the Trimayasha astrological repair process. If you too are looking for a real astrologer, contact him by call, WhatsApp + 919773959523 or book an astrology consultation online at

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