How can astrology and planetary position impact higher education?

Mumbai best astrologer Dr. Sohini Sastri known for her accurate predictions and effective guidance with vast knowledge of astrology and occult sciences. She is a KP Astrologer with over 15 years of experience in Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu etc.

Dr. Sastri is awarded by the President of India, the Vice President of India and the Governors of three states. She has written many books on astrology and a regular columnist for many popular magazines and a very popular face on different TV shows.

In this highly competitive society, we are all racing towards a career, better opportunities, money and a good lifestyle. Parents are very worried about the future of their child. And one wrong step in choosing the right higher education path for your children could ruin their future. Today we will discuss this crucial topic with Dr. Sohini Sastri, President’s Award-winning astrologer and philanthropist.

So, Dr. Sastri, can you please enlighten us on how to judge higher education based on the birth chart and planetary positions?

Dr. Sohini Sastri: According to ancient Hindu scriptures, sages or gurus believed that examination helps a Shishya or a student to gain confidence, knowledge and wisdom in his life. We have been following the examination process since ancient times and even today the examination helps to determine a student’s knowledge and wisdom. Thus, we can say that the examination is the basis of our educational system.

In Hinduism, Goddess Saraswati is revered as the foundation and origin of knowledge, wisdom, art and music. One who worships him with pure devotions and correct vidhi is believed to be endowed with extraordinary knowledge and wisdom.

In today’s society, passing exams and getting a higher percentage is very important. A good mark in the exam helps to pursue higher education, employment, etc. It’s literally a pass these days. Therefore, I am sharing with you this powerful Saraswati mantra which is very useful and important for a student to do well in the exam. If duly chanted, it would impart knowledge and wisdom to the seeker.

Om Saraswateya Vidhmahe Brahmaputreya Dhimahi | Tanno Devi Prachodayata ||

Although there is no shortcut to hard work, so I would advise students to give their best efforts to their studies and seek the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.
During this time, parents can do the Saraswati puja regularly and chant the mantra throughout their child’s exams.

Can you share with us the planetary combinations that are responsible for success and obstruction in higher education?

Dr. Sohini Sastri: It is every parent’s dream that their child becomes highly educated and considered a respected person in society. To achieve such a goal, the only way is to pursue higher education such as B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D., Post-Doc, etc. To obtain such diplomas, the native must be intelligent, sharp, studious and patient. These are only possible when the native’s chart contains certain “Yogs” related to higher education. Otherwise, he/she will face failure no matter how hard they try.

Here are some planetary combinations that are responsible for success and
obstruction in higher education –

1. In our natal chart, the 4th house is responsible for education, the 5th house represents knowledge, the 9th house controls higher education, and the 11th house predicts our success. In order to succeed in higher studies, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Ketu must be in good position.
2. Mercury represents intelligence, Jupiter represents knowledge and wisdom, Venus stands for entertainment, arts and crafts, while Ketu represents hidden intelligence and highly technical skills. If the positions of these planets are good, they help in higher education.
3. If Rahu is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, the native will face a serious problem of concentration, which will eventually lead to failure in higher education.
4. If Jupiter is aligned with Rahu in the 12th house, then the native will miss the opportunity for very few numbers.
5. If the lord of the 9th house is placed in the 8th house, it will create an obstruction in higher studies.
6. If the lord of the 5th house is placed in the 12th house in an afflicted state and Saturn is aligned with Rahu in the 9th house, then the native will face failure again and again.
7. Apart from this, if Venus is weakened, Mercury is weak and Jupiter is in retrograde position in the 8th house and Ketu is not beneficial, then the native will never be able to pursue higher education.
8. To succeed in higher education, it is necessary for the lords of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 9th house to be well placed, strong, supportive and beneficial.
9. Here are some negative Yogs who can create problems in higher education – Kaal Sarp Dosh, Guru Rahu Dosh, Shrapit Dosh, Grahan Dosh, Vish Yog etc. If two of them are present in the table, then it is very difficult to achieve success in higher education.
But don’t worry, you can avoid these complexities by talking to a knowledgeable astrologer.

What do you think of the impact of astrology on competitions?

Dr. Sohini Sastri: In this competitive world, we have become accustomed to assessing the quality of a student based on their job and career. Undoubtedly, our student life only ends when we can get a job. Although it may sound harsh, but it is the reality.

Here I am going to share some astrological facts related to the contest –

1. If the 9th house is beneficial in the native’s chart, it helps him pass the exam. Apart from being beneficial, the 9th house must also be in a good position and strong to succeed in the contest.
2. If the main period and the sub-period are influenced by malefic planets at the time of the exam, the native will have difficulty in passing the exam. The same will happen if Rahu and Ketu are placed in the 12th house and their main period and subperiod continue.
3. If Lagna is benevolent and strong and the native’s 5th house is powerful, then he/she will be very knowledgeable and possessor of very strong will. Along with these qualities, if the Mercury is strong and positioned in the lagna, 4th, 5th, 9th or 11th house, then they will have a huge chance of passing the exam. If Jupiter, Sun, Rahu and Venus are strong and in a good position, the native has a good chance of entering the contest. If these planets are weak and located in the 8th or 12th house, the native will face many obstacles to pass the exam.
4. The 4th house (house of education), 5th house (house of knowledge) and 6th house play supporting roles in contests. If Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and Rahu are strong and placed in the 6th house, then it will become easy for the native to pass the exam.
5. If Mercury is weak and retrograde, the native will face challenges such as nervousness during the exam, silly mistakes, etc. successfully with good grades. If these are not available, the native’s 5th, 6th, 9th and 11th houses must be strong and beneficial to pass the contest. Along with this, Vidya karaka planets, such as Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn or Sun should be beneficial and strong.
6. Besides these facts, we also have to consider our D9 map. If Ketu is beneficial, health will be fine during the examination. If the Ketu is weak and evil, the native will suffer from a sudden health problem before or during the exam, resulting in poor performance or total absence from the exam.

As I said before, there is no chance of making a single mistake, consult an expert before taking the next step.

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