Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces: What It Means

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A rare celestial event occurs on Tuesday, April 12 at exactly 9:43 a.m. ET. Jupiter and Neptune will meet in Pisces for the first time since March 17, 1856. Translation: These distant celestial bodies will appear at the exact same point in the sky — in this case, 23º and 59 minutes from Pisces. You see, in astrology, the sky is divided into an invisible band containing 12 equal parts – the signs of the zodiac – which each planet will pass through, at some time. In this case, Jupiter and Neptune will meet at the same place.

In fact, many astrologers (including today’s society) believe the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction can bring about a cultural reset – a change in mood., If you want.

The fifth planet from the sun, Jupiter is named after the Roman god of the sky (Zeus in Greek mythology) and is called the “Great Beneficent” by traditional astrologers for the luck, fortune and blessings it bestows. Think unabashed optimism without moderation.

Jupiter takes 12 years to cycle through the 12 astrological houses of the sky, which means it stays in one zodiac sign for about a year. Currently, Jupiter is in Pisces – the sign associated with dreams, illusion and creativity – where it will stay until May 10 before sliding into Aries.

While 2.865 billion kilometers from planet Earth, Neptune was actually one of the first celestial bodies discovered by telescope in 1846. Interestingly, there is evidence to suggest that Galileo himself was able to observe Neptune in the early 1600s. despite this one being invisible to the naked eye. Galileo noted that on two special days in December 1612 and January 1613, Jupiter seemed to shine a little brighter. Although Galileo attributed the illumination to a star, it was later determined that he witnessed – you guessed it – the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Shit yeah.

Neptune is named after the god of the sea (Poseidon in Greek mythology) and, therefore, is associated with the magical and mysterious vastness of the spiritual unknown. Astrologically, Neptune rules the subconscious, dreams, art, entertainment, and psychic powers.

Neptune has an extremely long orbit; it takes 165 years to travel the entire zodiac, with 14-year journeys through each of the 12 signs. In 2011, Neptune entered Pisces, where it will continue to drift until 2026.

Although these two planets come together approximately every 12 years (the length of Jupiter’s orbit), they only meet in Pisces (the dreamy, enchanted water sign that is so important to both of these celestial bodies) every 165 years.

So what should you expect? Well, since no one can offer an eyewitness account of the last Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces in 1856, we don’t totally know. Add it to the list of unprecedented events we are experiencing. However, by understanding the symbolism of these planets moving through Pisces, it is highly likely that the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will initiate a mystical-creative rebirth on the micro (personal) and macro (societal) levels. Questions relating to beliefs, perception, spirituality and the artistic exploration of the psyche will be amplified. Likewise, it is an excellent time to explore your own relationship with spirituality. How does your soul express itself on a daily basis? Is it through art? Music? Logging? Or simply sitting with your thoughts in a calm and peaceful environment to better process the extraordinary amount of extrasensory data that floods your subconscious every waking moment? What does it mean to connect to your intuition? How does your imagination influence your creative practices? It’s a great opportunity to set intentions, start that meditation practice, or, I don’t know, eat some food and go to the planetarium.

Oh, a word of advice: the main difference between these two planets is that Jupiter expands, while Neptune dissolves. Jupiter offers abundance, while Neptune encourages us to think beyond physical constraints, inviting us to let our guard down and become one with the universe through spirituality, creativity and, of course, magic. . Accordingly, I strongly recommend practicing extreme discretion on and around the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Under this sky, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is is. Exaggerations and outright lies will circulate, so be careful (i.e., stay away from Twitter). The best way to fight the Jupiter-Neptune illusion is to say no. Don’t be afraid to set limits for yourself. There is nothing wrong with setting parameters. When in doubt, consider taking a few days before making important decisions. In the end, there is no better stabilizer than time itself.

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