Sainsbury’s shoppers are floored after seeing the ‘astronomical’ cost of a pack of fish sticks

Sainsbury’s shoppers have expressed shock after seeing packs of fish fingers priced at £7.

A customer remarked he was almost ‘falling to his knees’ when he saw the price in a Sainsbury’s store. This comes after food prices have risen in all supermarkets over the past few months.

Lurpak butter has been the subject of conversation recently, with prices for a single packet reaching up to £7 a jar. Now fish sticks have become a topic of discussion. A shopper took to Twitter after spotting a pack of Birds Eye 30 Cod Fish Fingers (840g total) marked at £7 in the supermarket.

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The buyer wrote: “Almost fell to my knees in the popular eating establishment.” And others also shared their disbelief, reports MyLondon. One person said: “£7? Jesus will soon reach.

A third commented: ‘I remember when it was £3.50. Wow.” A fourth replied: “Sainsbury’s are absolutely bugged.” And another commented: “This can’t be real.”

Some even shared their shock at what other products were costing them, with someone explaining: “I paid £3.80 for @Warburtons gluten free wraps yesterday – it would be cheaper to live off mc ds at this rate. There’s 5 envelopes in there. Sickening.”

One person calculated that each finger would come to a total of 23p, asking: “23p each is bad???” Sainsbury’s has been approached for comment.

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