The Most Nourishing Zodiac Sign, According To Astrologers

It is easy to spot those with nurturing qualities. These incredibly loyal people can constantly check in on you to eat and sleep when you’re stressed. And they’ll be the first to send flowers when you’re in the dump. Caring for others, whether friends, family members or pets, takes a lot of energy and patience, an instinct that could have something to do with astrology. Read on to hear professional astrologers talk about the most nurturing zodiac signs, from laid-back nurturing to full-on mommy mode.

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People under the sign of Capricorn feed in a less conventional way. They may seem like an odd choice, as they have a reputation for pushing others out of the way to achieve their goals, but this take-charge attitude can also help others grow.

According Jill Loftis, astrologer and founder of Nuit Astrology, Capricorns “feed through structure, rules, and know what to do in almost any situation.” The discipline and parental energy of these earth signs can keep others grounded and help them get things back on track quickly. If you need motivation to pursue a new dream, Capricorns will help you get there.

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Libras are great listeners and they have a natural ability to nurture relationships. “Whether it’s a lover, friend, or business partner, Libras tend to focus on the needs of others and readily offer help and support,” Loftis says. These people communicate well, and it is in their nature to talk and get to know others. Even after a conversation with these air signs, any individual will feel cared for.

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If you need emotional support, this water sign is the one to turn to, as they’re known for their vulnerability and ability to feel what other people are feeling. “The feeling and intention to nurture [are] so strong, and this sign is great at sitting with you, listening to you, and saying poetic things to make you feel nurtured inside,” shares Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan’s Astrology. They just can’t stop feeding those around them.

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The “Virgo vision” appears when these signs develop, as they pay close attention to detail and excel in reading situations. As an earth sign, they are grounded and lean towards caring for people in more material ways, thinking about how to improve your health and work life.

“Virgos are stigmatized for being too harsh in their criticism, but they know how to put those judgments aside when someone they love needs nurturing,” says Marquardt. “Even if Virgo thinks you’re wrong in a major way, they won’t let you know, and instead they’ll be there to provide advice and support in an incredibly helpful way,” he adds. .

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As an earth sign, Taurus is very grounded and loyal, making them a great person to lean on in times of need. They also have a natural instinct to help others grow and flourish (which often involves comfort food or wine!). “The bull represents fertility, and education is part of that,” says Loftis.

These people not only promote development in people, but they are also natural with plants, intuitively knowing how to help things thrive. So don’t be surprised to find their houses full of greenery.

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Undoubtedly, Cancer takes the top spot for being the most nurturing zodiac sign. They are usually associated with the mother incarnation, and it shows in the way they take care of others. “[Cancers] carefully create their family of favorite people and dedicate their time, energy and resources to this close-knit community,” says Marquardt.

This water sign will give again and again, but they also need to feel loved and respected in return. You won’t get the same kind of nurturing energy from any other sign, so it’s best to keep these Cancers in your life and show up for them when their time of need comes.

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