BYU Cornbelly event draws over 1,200 students

BYU students and guests headed to Cornbelly’s Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point for a night of fun fall activities on October 27.

These students and guests purchased tickets through the BYU Student Association at a discount, traveling from Provo, UT to Thanksgiving Point, UT to explore the Cornbelly Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point.

BYU provided up to two discounted tickets per student, reducing the normal cost of $18.95 per adult to $8.50 per adult. BYU rookie Cameron Barlow said she was excited to walk through the corn maze and was “glad that BYU is giving us the discount here.”

BYU junior Brooklyn Barlow was in charge of leading this activity, having worked for BYUSA for only two months. “I’m so excited to see him come together and kind of kick off the holiday season,” Barlow said.

She said she and her team had been preparing for this activity for two months – coordinating with Cornbelly’s, the team members and Cosmo to make this activity a success. BYUSA posted information about the event on its Instagram and on its website. According to Barlow, 1,207 tickets were sold for students and their guests.

Cornbelly’s had a number of activities that students and other guests could take part in, from a pig race, otherwise known as the “Pigtucky Derby”, to the Los Moralitos Thrill Circus riding dirt bikes at the interior of a giant metallic sphere. The corn maze had two separate paths that formed an image of Peter Pan from above. Cosmo also made an appearance, taking photos and interacting with the students.

BYUSA provided insulated drink dispensers filled with hot chocolate, but students and other guests could also purchase food sold by Cornbelly vendors.

BYU junior Valeria Valentini said she had never been to a corn maze before, but felt the atmosphere at Cornbelly was “very pretty.” According to Valentini, she lived in Italy and said she didn’t really celebrate Halloween until she came to America.

“Everyone at BYU is so stressed right now,” said BYU second student Charly Bailey. “But we’re all here and just having a good time without even caring.”

BYU freshman Ashlyn Morton said she helped set up the tent before the event officially started at 6 p.m.

BYU freshman Lydia Wright and her friends said they love the corn maze, as well as the various games around Cornbelly’s. “It was just a fun fall activity,” Wright said. “[It] Wasn’t too expensive so it seemed like a good option.”

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