Does The Batman set up a new Batman Cinematic Universe?

Batman has never really been one to go solo…since the ’60s, at least. Sure, Kilmer and Clooney did one movie per play, but their movies were each directed by Joel Schumacher and, technically speaking, exist on the same creative continuum as Tim Burton’s Keaton duology. There are too many bad guys to punch, smash and kapow; the Caped Crusader’s coterie of super-villains simply couldn’t be dealt with in a single feature film.

As it is, The Batman, the Matt Reeves reboot in which Robert Pattinson adorns the cape and cowl, will be a standalone feature film, albeit nearly three hours in length. While the main big bad will be Paul Dano’s zodiac, jet-black interpretation of the diabolical Riddler, the Pat Bat will also take on Colin Farrell’s grotesquely deformed (read: prosthetic-wearing) penguin. That’s a lot for the Dark Knight, but when it comes to Gotham’s vast lineup of ghouls, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Has a sequel for The Batman been announced?

Sequels have been announced, but have yet to be confirmed. However, given Pattinson’s A-list bona fides, massive box office expectations, and greater public clamor for a movie that isn’t called No coming home for at least three years, you have to think that Warner will not abandon its goose that lays the golden egg.

Robert Pattinson, at least, seems on board: talk to fandangothe actor said he was “ready to do [Batman] as many times as people want to see it,” and that he talked to Reeves about doing a trilogy. “That would be wonderful,” said the 35-year-old. “I really enjoyed the process and he’s such a fun character to play. Yeah, that would be adorable.

Moreover, we to have had confirmation of two spin-off series going straight to HBO Max. One is one scarface– a detective thriller, covering the rise of the Penguin in the underworld of Gotham, while the previous announced Gotham PD focuses on “the anatomy of corruption” in Batman’s eponymous hometown.

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