Masters of the Universe Cosplay Puts a Spooky New Twist on Skeletor

Skeletor has returned to TV screens in interesting new ways thanks to Masters of the Universe’There’s new anime offerings, and now awesome cosplay has put a spooky new spin on the classic villain! Netflix and Mattel Television worked together on new takes on the franchise that resulted in not only a new CG series for New Eyes, but also a sequel to Filmation’s classic 1980s production. Masters of the Universe: Revelation introduced new takes on classic characters, but by the end, it was clear that was far from the end of this new take on the classic world.

Soon the franchise will return with the upcoming Masters of the Universe: Revolution, which will pick up the events of Revelation. It’s yet to be revealed exactly what fans can expect to see in this new series, but it’s been teased that we’ll be seeing a lot more Skeletor…and possibly even more forms than we’ve ever seen. have seen before. One makeover we probably won’t see in the new series (although it would be pretty cool if we did somehow) is artist @drymartini_cosplay giving Skeletor a spooky new look on Instagram! Check it out below:

When Masters of the Universe: RevelationNetflix Part 2 hit last year, showrunner Kevin Smith teased potential ideas for continuing the series in an episode of Fatman Beyond. He’s set to return as showrunner for the new series, so it’s good to hear he still has a ton of ideas on the table, “We’re in a place now where we can figure out if we can go again…” Smith began.

“Based on the first set of episodes, things were looking very positive. Hopefully, based on the drop in part 2 and how many people have completed the whole thing… if it’s all positive, if we reach what they call ‘efficiency,’ we could do it again,” Smith explained before speaking to fans about potential future seasons, “Fingers crossed, so watch out if you want to see more. It’s like that we can do it again. I hope we get to do it again. It would be so nice to do it again because I have ideas.

There is no release window or date set yet for Masters of the Universe: Revolution for now, but Skeletor is being teased to return alongside new addition William Shatner to the cast. What role he’ll play in the new series has yet to be revealed, but that’s part of the reason to be very excited for what might come next. What do you hope to see in Masters of the Universe: Revolution when will it be released on Netflix? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments!

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