Season preview | Solomon +1 is the center of the universe

Over the years, Pashait’s sunday evening Solomon +1 turned out to be one of Ibiza’s most popular parties. Big admirers ourselves, we had to agree on the opening night to delimit the 2022 edition.

What music was Solomon playing? What can we expect from our guests this summer? What is the impact of Pacha’s new look on the party? A night under the two cherries would answer these questions.

Solomon’s report

After giving us the all-night treatment at Pacha’s big opening night, Solomun was whittled down to “only” a three-hour solo on his own opener. Konstantin Sibold, surprise package for some, justified his selection. He laid the foundations, passing the baton to our host on this choice.

If the rest of Solomun’s +1s can follow with equal skill, we’re in for a hell of a summer.

Currently, his record bag is made up of tracks by Dosem, Mind Against and Mason Maynard. As has been the case for some time, his repertoire blends both Progressive and Deep House with infusions of Techno.

We can already say that this remix of Shall Ocin is going to be a big song for him this summer.

Always one to keep us on our feet, there were also a handful of tracks whose flow and structure reminded us of his own Tuk Tuk track with ÄTNA.

+1 guests: the power of July against the unpredictability of August

Solomun’s format is unique to Ibiza. Host plus one guest is a simple but extremely effective formula that has proven itself time and time again.

Extended sets are rare here, with developers often picking the quantity. This is not the case on Sundays at Le Pacha.

Generally, the +1 opens at night at midnight (although there are special occasions when Solomun mixes things up). They play until 02:30, when the Slovenian great takes over for an extended set.

Almost always, the pair then end the night back to back from around 05:30 (or b2b2b or even b2b2b2b in the case of double and triple acts!).

Solomun always introduces new faces every year to keep things going. In a summer where we often see the same names popping up, he really outdid himself in against the trend.

This week’s Jamie xx, Erol Alkan and Sofia Kourtesis are among the raise eyebrows in 2022.

summer peak months of July and August are an interesting case study. They couldn’t be more different.

July sees the return of some +1 favourites, many of whom are international superstars. Mannish, Adriatic, Gerard Janson and HAAI need little introduction and are known quantities, while Dixonthe annual date of is one of the most requested parties of the summer for obvious reasons.

On the other hand, August goes crazy on some curve balls. Sally C, Cromby and Tijana T have the opportunity to show what they are. We applaud this bold reservation policy.

Pasha’s new look

Pasha himself kept busy during the lockdown, remodeling the main room. The pillars that once obstructed the space have now been removed. With the dance floor now open, it’s amazing how much of a difference such a small detail has made.

Of course, all the Pacha’s evenings benefit from the new layout, even if the crowds it attractsSolomun could beat him.

The technology has also been improved. The hexagonal light stand above the DJ booth, which can be moved around and adjusted, is a wonderful addition. Dance underneath one has the impression of being caught in the tractor beam of a UFO.

The Solomun has its own production – an LED halo ring that frames the DJ boothas shown in his artwork.

Nile Rodger’s philosophy is that the best clubs should “feel like the center of the universe“at rush hour. That’s definitely something you can say about Pacha for Solomun +1 at 04:30 on Monday mornings.

Travel to the center of the universe every Sunday in Solomun +1 this summer.

Tickets for all dates, including this weekend’s party with Sofia Kourtesis, are on sale and available for purchase below. See you on the dance floor.

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