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The last solar eclipse of the year will take place on Saturday, December 4. This day will be the day of Krishna Paksha’s new moon in the month of Margashirsha. Here are all the details about the eclipse.

When will it take place?

The solar eclipse will begin on December 4 at 10:59 a.m. and will continue until 3:07 a.m. in the afternoon.

Will it be visible in India?

The solar eclipse will be visible in Antarctica, South Africa, the southern parts of the Atlantic, Australia and South America, but not India.

How important is this solar eclipse?

The second solar eclipse will occur on Amavasya in the Hindu month of Kartik during Vikram Samvat 2078 and will primarily affect natives of the Scorpio zodiac sign and those born in Anuradha and Jyeshta Nakshatra.

It will be the last eclipse of this year. This solar eclipse comes two weeks after the partial lunar eclipse of November 19. It will be a total eclipse. When the Moon completely covers the surface of the Sun while forming a right alignment with the Earth and the Sun, it is called a total solar eclipse.

What is Sutak Kaal?

Sutak Kaal is considered to be a certain period observed before the solar eclipse, which is considered a bad omen. According to Sanatan Dharma, this is the period when the Earth remains severely contaminated due to the evil influence of the solar eclipse. In order to get rid of such effects, several religious precautions are needed to be followed.

The Sutak Kaal during the solar eclipse in 2021 depends entirely on the timing of the eclipse. According to the Panchanga, the Sutak Kaal begins four phases before the occurrence of a solar eclipse. According to the Hindu Panchaga, there are eight phases or pahars from sunrise to sunset in total, of which four pahars or twelve hours before the Sutak Kaal begins and ends with the end of the eclipse.

Should we observe Sutak Kaal in India?

This eclipse will not be visible in India. Therefore, the Sutak Kaal and its impact will not be observed religiously either. However, Indians staying in South Africa, parts of the South Atlantic, Australia and South America should adhere to the Sutak Kaal.

Are there any remedies that we need to perform on the day of the eclipse?

Any major activity should be avoided during the duration of the eclipse. In addition, it is advisable to offer water to the Sun and to sing Aditya Hridya Stotra. You can also donate copper, jaggery, wheat or ghee to a temple.

Should pregnant women take any precautions?

Yes, pregnant women are advised to take precautions as the eclipse is believed to impact new life. During this time, pregnant women should avoid leaving their homes and witnessing the eclipse in any way. During the Sutak Kaal period on the day of the eclipse, women should refrain from performing such tasks as sewing, embroidery, cutting, peeling, and cleaning. They should also avoid using knives and needles during the solar eclipse period.

What is the mythological significance of the solar eclipse?

In Vedic astrology, the solar eclipse is linked to the legend of Rahu and Ketu. According to Matsya Purana, when the amrit or nectar of immortality was extracted from the ocean during the Samudra Manthan, a war started between the gods and the demons or the Asuras as both wanted to consume it. In the midst of it all, a demon named Swarbhanu planned to consume the nectar while hiding among the gods. But during it all, Lord Surya and Lord Chandra revealed his reality by catching him.

As soon as this trick played by Asura Swarbhanu became known to Lord Vishnu, he got angry and parted his head and torso with his Sudarshan Chakra. But since Swarbhanu tasted Amrit, he has not died. Instead, his head was named Rahu, while his torso became Rahu. Thus, as a result of his revenge, every year Rahu covers the Moon and the Sun and causes the phenomenon of Solar Eclipse.


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