launches “The METASENS Universe” project, rocket to the moon

The METASENS universe is like a cosmic amusement park with different thematic planets with unique play facilities. On some planets, you can play competitive games, role-playing games. On another planet, you can play horse racing, farm management, etc. Anyone can find an ideal world on different planets in METASENS.

METASENS will release several NFT Metaverse games at an unprecedented rate of “One per season“, which will mark another milestone in the development of the game’s global metaverse. The first game is expected to be shut down for testing at the end of the year and officially launched in the first quarter of next year.

Going forward, METASENS will invite global companies with games or IPs to join in building an open metaverse ecosystem. Thanks to blockchain technology, each game included in the project will have its own planet, creating a self-sustaining business cycle within the planet game.

Here is the exclusivity new.

METASENS will cooperate with Asia NFT curation specialist EchoX to launch the first NFT game. The app will be open to the public on 24 november, 2021. In addition, Metasnake’s first-sale activity will activate simultaneously. To earn the premium purchase right, players must attend community activities or be raffled off to become a whitelist. Additionally, ETH panic buy staking activity will be posted at 12:00 AM (UTC + 8) on December 11.e, 2021. There should be a limited number of 5,000 Metasnake Genesis for sale on the above activities. Metasnake will be available on the market next spring.

In addition, METASENS players are invited to create “HOLOSENS” – an open world on each planet that can be edited in 3D by players or game developers. In this sandbox mode, you can create your own ideal character, communicate with other players using the NFTs you get on each planet in METASENS, decorate your own home or experience set up scenes or games. by other players and interact in HOLOSENS.

Otey (a Singapore company), a dedicated development and operations company invested by Imperium Technology Group Limited to accelerate the development of METASENS, is responsible for the overall business development of METASENS by bringing together the best talents in Asia to build a professional team. In the game development team, many of them are experienced game producers who have developed multi-million dollar mobile games and MMORPGs all over the world. Many award-winning game artists and master programmers who have developed tens of thousands of games are also recruited to be part of our self-developed game development team.

METASENS has recruited an R&D team selected as the top 10 blockchain technology companies in Asia for APAC CIO 2020 to develop the METASENS platform. The official NFT marketplace is expected to launch at the end of this year, followed by arcades, blockchain wallets, and more.

The full development of the metaverse is a milestone in the history of human development, and the structured metaverse on blockchain technology is a single point where the world expects to link the integration of the virtual and real worlds in the future. With the technology and planning of the Empire group, METASENS is expected to become the largest amusement park in the Metavers in the future.

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