Watch: How Mrs Universe Dubai overcame spinal injury to win title

Dubai: Pamela Serena, Ms. Universe Dubai 2021, thought at one point that she would not make it to the pageant.

On September 9, 2021, Serena fell in a spa steam room. It was a month before she was to take part in the prestigious Mrs Universe Dubai 2021 beauty pageant. She suffered a serious injury by injuring the T6 of her spine. She was lucky that the fall did not impact another part of her spine, as it could have immobilized her wheelchair for life.

“I was walking down marble steps and slipped on wet floors. I fractured my spine and was bedridden for several months,” said Serena, who is also the former Miss India UK.

After several months of treatment, including physiotherapy, Serena was able to walk again with confidence.

“I was sick”

Serena was disappointed following her injury, considering that she could not participate in the contest.

Luckily the event was postponed last year due to COVID-19. It was finally held on February 19 at the Sofitel the Palm. This is the first time that the Ms. Universe pageant has been held in the United Arab Emirates.

“I feel blessed and lucky for this experience. To say that I never would have made it if the competition was to go as planned last year – that made me believe in fate,” Serena said.
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Serena said that until two weeks before the contest date, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to participate in the event. ” I was sick. I barely started to walk and was only allowed to wear heels a week before the contest. It was a stressful time, but I gathered my courage and put all my determination into it,” added Serena, who previously worked at the London School of Film Production. She has starred in several music videos and TV series, having worked with global artists.

His resilience eventually paid off. Serena had a message for the world and she wanted to say it at the pageant.

“I feel blessed and lucky for this experience. To say that I never would have made it if the competition were to go as planned last year – it made me believe in fate,” said Serena, who holds a degree in psychology from the University College of University of London.

“Winning the crown in Dubai was a dream come true. From my pageant experience, I wholeheartedly want to make a voice and a positive difference in the world.


Serena said she was able to achieve great mental peace working with determined children and those with long-term illnesses.
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Comfortable childhood

Serena said her childhood was spent in the UK with her family. “Being the youngest child in a family of five siblings, I was always protected. But I lost my mother when I was 16. She was an entrepreneur and a very independent woman. His loss made me strong. I developed anxiety after his death but I worked on it by doing self-healing,” she added.

Serena said the loss of her mother made her realize even more that she wanted to help people who needed help. The traumatic experience of his life taught him to do good in the community.

“Dubai is my home”

“I was born British with Indian roots. I am a third generation Indian from the UK, but I have lived in Dubai for 10 years now. This is home. Dubai is one of the most beautiful and most dynamic in the world. The multicultural aspect of the city fascinates me.

Thus, for the national dress during the beauty contest, Serena wore an abaya (traditional clothing of Arab women).


For Serena, winning the crown in Dubai was a dream come true.
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“I wore a golden abaya. My national costume was in the colors of gold and white to represent the Expo 2020 Dubai logo. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to dress for my national costume,” said Serena, whose hobbies include travel, reading, cooking and yoga.

She added: “Being a third generation British Indian, I was fortunate to learn about both British Indian and Punjabi cultures and history from my elders. This, coupled with my decade in the United Arab Emirates, allowed me to understand and learn from a variety of cultures.

Working for Determined Children

Serena said she was able to achieve great mental peace working with determined children and those with long-term illnesses. “Creating a positive environment for a child with special needs doesn’t require you to be an expert. Patience, care and foresight are enough,” said Serena, who is fluent in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.


Serena will travel to Seoul, South Korea in June for the main event of Mrs Universe.
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The future of Ms. Universe

“I want to create a place where a woman can seek help with anxiety, depression or fear. An environment where they feel comfortable talking openly and receiving any help or advice they might need. I want to start a holistic clinic and rejuvenation center that offers different types of therapy and help. With my background and experience in psychology, I hope to help women in any way possible. Together we can work to make us better.I want to solve problems that no one wants but everyone deserves help.

Serena will be traveling to Seoul, South Korea in June for the Mrs Universe event.

She will be among 95 delegates to compete for the crown, which is meant to celebrate the uniqueness of married women.

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