What it means to be a cusp sign in astrology

Although cusps are not real, there are several other valid explanations why you might feel as if you were at the dawn of a sign. Some astrologers believe that being born in a certain decan of a zodiac sign, which is a “subdivision” of zodiac signs based on degrees in order to “give richer context” to their personalities and traits, may be the sign of someone beginning a new journey in the energy of that sign, by Astrology.com. So when your sun sign is positioned in the early degrees of a new sign, you look ahead and are a bit preoccupied with what you need to learn to advance spiritually.

Another thing to watch? Your personal planets. The orbit of Mercury and Venus frequently overlaps with the sun. For this reason, your Sun, Mercury, and Venus signs will spend most of your life in close proximity to each other. It’s very likely that you spot your “cusp sign” in one of these other personal placements, which could explain why you identify more with being a Taurus than an Aries, for example.

Ultimately, everyone has a bit of each zodiac sign in their personality because you are more than just their sun sign. If you’re curious about why certain energies resonate with you more than your sun sign, you’ll want to grab a full copy of your birth chart and do some research; you might be surprised at what you find!

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