Baidu registers copyright for Du Universe blockchain entertainment app


Search engine and AI developer Baidu registered the copyright for its blockchain-based entertainment app, Du Universe, three years after it went live, according to corporate data aggregator Tianyancha.

The move hints at Baidu’s efforts to claim what could be a future where metavers shape the way we work, play, and communicate with each other. Before Baidu’s latest move, other Chinese tech companies filed a slew of trademark registrations related to their metaverse developments or existing platforms to fend off patent trolls.

Currently, Du Universe’s in-app resource, or currency, is called “Element” and is emitted when users play games or interact with other features of the app. It is similar in design to other digital currency mining platforms.

At this time, Du Universe remains online, but new users cannot register to join the network. New terms and conditions for Du Universe will come into effect on October 15th.

In September, Chinese authorities banned all cryptocurrency transactions.

Tencent registered ownership of “Timi Metaverse” and “Kings Metaverse” last month, in connection with the conglomerate’s massive video game business. Meanwhile, an Alibaba subsidiary has registered more than 20 trademarks, including “Ali Metaverse” and “Taobao Metaverse”, according to public documents viewed by KrASIA.

Launched in June 2018, Du Universe is one of many applications built on Baidu’s XuperChain blockchain service for businesses. Baidu intends to make Du Universe the world’s largest blockchain-based entertainment app and create a digital environment that integrates blockchain, big data, entertainment, social interactions and commerce, according to the official website of From the Universe.


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