Cobra Kai bosses excited to star in ‘John Hughes universe’ with Ferris Bueller Spinoff

Cobra Kai creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg reveal their desire to delve into the world of John Hughes’ teen comedy for their next Ferris Bueller’s day off derivative series.

The three Cobra Kai bosses sat down with Deadline to discuss potential delays surrounding Cobra Kaiof the sixth season and what they have been working on lately. “And as for the Ferris Buller project, we’re so excited about this project that we’re producing,” Hurwitz said. “We have a great writer, Bill Posley, who worked on Cobra Kai with us, whom we love and he has an awesome vision. It’s exciting to dive into the world of John Hughes, but see a side of that world we haven’t seen with these characters, Sam and Victor, who were the valets in the original. Ferris Buller film.”

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The story of Ferris Bueller’s Ferrari-Joyriding valets

Officially titled Sam and Victor’s Day Off, the upcoming spin-off centers on the titular duo of valets who take Cameron’s dad’s Ferrari for a spin. The events of the series take place on the same day as Ferris Buller but are told from another angle. “The three of us are suckers for secondary characters in general and like to see what’s happening in their worlds, so it’s going to be fun when we get to that,” Hurwitz said.

Hurwitz, who called himself a “kid of the 1980s,” has no intention of ruining Hughes’ iconic film. “We love and respect movies that everyone says are untouchable, and it’s not trying to touch or play with it. Ferris Bueller’s day off in any way, the Cobra Kai the creator said. Paramount Pictures has announced its collaboration with the Cobra Kai patterns for Ferris Buller spinoff on August 19, 2022. While the original 1986 film never received a sequel, NBC produced a sitcom in 1990 based on Hughes’ acclaimed film. The short-lived series, simply titled Ferris Bullersaw Charlie Schlatter as the main character and notably featured a pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston as her sister, Jeanie.

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Sure, Sam and Victor’s Day Off isn’t the first time its creators have adapted a TV series from a popular 1980s film. After all, Cobra Kai picked up the Karate Kid storyline 34 years after the events of the original film, leaving fans wondering if they should expect the same feel from the next one Ferris Buller spin off. “Cobra Kai started with a point of view that you haven’t seen,” Heald said. “If things work out with this [Sam and Victor’s Day Off]it would be the same.”

Sam and Victor’s Day Off currently has no release date. The five seasons of Cobra Kai are available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

Source: Deadline

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