Message of the day (September 9)


Message of the day – By Renooji


The war of truth!

Healing shows us precisely how we are to live our life, manage it, manage our emotions, our life goals and yet be perfectly truthful so that we can be fully empowered to help others in their spiritual growth. There are many times in our life when it is easy to stray from the truth and this is when our senses are at full war with each other. It is when we receive mixed signals from our gyaan indriyas (eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin) that war begins. The end result is always disease. The human body always connects with lies knowingly and unconsciously. There is no place on Earth where you can find shelter and escape the madness caused by lies. People come and go, they walk the path, some dance, others run unprepared and unconscious. Then come storms, screams, anguish and pain, fury and despair. If only they hadn’t lied. Healing oneself is the greatest benefit, living with the truth the highest spiritual potential for mankind. By learning to heal, you leave all the lies behind. Healing hugs of sheltered light. Love the realms of truthfulness.

The action I can take.
Sincerely call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time and give them 10 minutes of your pure time. Share your life experiences with them.

It heals the ego self and resuscitates your vital elements of truth – the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and the skin’s ability to bring only truth to you.


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