The Nun 2 begins filming in France, James Wan shares image of BTS

The last episode of The Conjuring the cinematic universe is fast approaching as the highly anticipated sequel to the nun has officially started filming in France, according to an Instagram post from James Wan, director of the first two films in the series. The post reads, “Photography started on THE NUN 2 in France! With @michaelchaves performing the exorcism (directing) on ​​this one.”

Along with confirming that The nun 2 began filming, the post also features a behind-the-scenes photo that depicts a priest character in a dimly lit environment with a film slate obscuring his face. While Wan’s post doesn’t offer any additional plot details for the upcoming sequel, it does tease fans about the return of familiar franchise-affiliated footage. While plotting information about The nun 2 remains a mystery, it was previously reported to be set in 1950s France. Additional details about the film will likely be revealed closer to its release date. Fans still have time to speculate and build anticipation as the iconic and horrifying titular entity returns to terrify audiences on September 8, 2023.


Bonnie Aaronwho played the demonic character in previous films, will reprise his role in the upcoming sequel alongside Taissa Farmigawho played Sister Irene in the first film. Storm Reid (The invisible Man) will also star in the film in a lead role. Michael Chaveswho previously led The conjuration: the devil made me do itreturns to the franchise to lead the upcoming sequel. Akela Cooper (clever) wrote the script for the film with revisions made by Ian Goldberg and Richard Ning. Wan serves as a producer for the project alongside Pierre Saffron, with Gary Daubeman and Michael Clair ready to produce the film.

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The nun first terrified the public with the release of The Conjuring 2 in 2016, becoming a film highlight for many due to the characters’ striking appearance. Since the character’s debut, The Nun has remained an iconic addition to Conspiracy franchise, achieving similar popularity to the Annabelle doll. The character’s popularity would eventually lead to a spin-off film, titled the nun, which debuted in 2018 to box office success, grossing $365.6 million worldwide, despite lackluster reviews. Now that a sequel is finally on the way, audiences can look back on the terrifying scares associated with the beloved franchise.

The nun 2 will be released exclusively in theaters on September 8, 2023. Check out Wan’s message and the official trailer for the first film below.


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