This week on the internet: Astrology memes take it to the next level

Welcome to the Friday edition of Internet user, where we dissect the week online. Today:

  • Astrology memes get more complicated
  • Meet the comedic duo of TikTok, Speedy & the G
  • Tumblr is testing a subscription service and people are skeptical

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Astrology memes get more complicated

Astrology memes became popular a few years ago, but they’re still going strong on Instagram. One of the top accounts, @notallgeminis, posts memes about the 12 zodiac signs several times a week, and they’re often linked to a celebrity paparazzi photo or a photo from a TV show or a movie. This week the account Succession memes has taken off on social media, probably because HBO Season 3 is arrive this fall.

the Succession memes also follow a format I saw on meme accounts recently: a still image from a TV show or movie with a caption showing a line of dialogue from a character, labeled not only with the solar signs of the zodiac, but also with the ascending and lunar signs. Since astrology exploded on the internet, people have become much more interested by knowing their time of birth. With this data, you can know your rising sign, moon sign, and other aspects of your birth chart. @seinfeldastrology, an Instagram account that started posting earlier this month, also makes memes about ascending and lunar sign personality traits using Seinfeld screenshot.

Astrology memes don’t go away; they get bigger. People don’t just want to share and enjoy sun sign memes, they want to memes that reflect their moods and quirks which are attributed, for example, to being a Cancer rising with an Aquarius moon.

—Tiffany Kelly, Cultural Writer


The Cora Disc is a game-changer for sustainable menstrual products

Imagine never using another tampon again. A glorious thought, right? It’s actually possible thanks to Cora, a forward-thinking company that is breaking new ground in making menstrual cycles easier than ever. Its latest product, the Cora Disc, only needs to be changed once a day. It is also environmentally friendly as you just need to take it off, clean it and wear it again. Perhaps best of all, it makes for a mess-free intimate time as it doesn’t get in the way. We tried it ourselves and loved it.



Meet Speedy & the G, the besties from TikTok comedy taking over your For You page

“Is it just me or is someone else strictly on Cory and Damen TikTok?” a user, Ben, muse. “They took over my entire For You page.”

Indeed, Cory Winn and Damen Mummert, Utah’s 20-year-old childhood besties, recently took over TikTok. Their signature handshake, their sit-down comedy pieces and perhaps more importantly, their captivating friendship has garnered 1 million followers on their joint account.

Winn and Mummert — collectively known as Speedy & the G, a tribute to the Looney Tunes character Speedy Gonzales– have been working together for almost two years. They are easily recognizable due to the distinct styling of their TikToks. They start every clip shaking hands. Videos come and go between the two men as they chat and make jokes.

Mummert tells The Daily Dot the duo always thought they would on YouTube, so it was surprising when they stormed TikTok“I didn’t think it would happen so quickly, on our secondary format where we were just like, ‘Maybe this will help us in our long run of YouTube and stuff,’ Mummert says. “It was really weird that he grew up so so fast.

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—Daysia Tolentino, Editor-in-Chief


Tumblr is testing a subscription service

Tumblr Post + announced on Wednesday, a subscription service that allows creators to put content behind a paywall, asking subscribers to subscribe at three different levels: $ 3.99, $ 5.99 or $ 9.99 per month, with Tumblr takes 5% of the profits. Echoing Substack, this appears to be an effective way for Tumblr users to make money on the platform.

But it’s inspiring a deluge of mockery and criticism. This is in part due to the culture of Tumblr, where users see the platform as an anarchic space where experienced influencer style users have never been able to thrive.

The other problem is knowing what type content that people are able to monetize on the site, especially as a result of Tumblr purge of NSFW creators in 2018. Post + may have been very helpful for sex workers, but most of them have been removed from the site. Likewise, while fanfic and fan art are perfectly legal, it only matters if you don’t make any money. If you try to make a profit, you could face legal action.

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, Editor-in-Chief


* First published: July 23, 2021, 2:45 p.m. CDT

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