YouTube Gold: get ready for an astronomical revolution: in just a few weeks

When the Hubble Space Telescope was built in the 1970s and 1980s, the mirror was assembled and ground well below Arizona Stadium in Tucson. We don’t know how far below, but you have to imagine that in order to build very large, precision-built mirrors you would have to eliminate the vibratons from above (which might not be that difficult now since football Arizona had an epic 20-game losing streak). matches he ultimately cut off on Saturday, but in part because Covid and other issues limited Cal to just 42 players. Four coaches were also positive despite the team’s vaccination rate of 99 percent).

When the Hubble first went up, people were gasping for air, but there was one problem: it was nearsighted. The mirror was slightly off.

Fortunately, it was fixed with a prescription lens, if you will, and once that was in place, we started to see miraculous things.

Things like that, or that, or maybe most of all, that.

Although Hubble is currently having a problem, it should be fixed and the telescope should operate for at least two more decades. Or so we hope.

It was a revolution and beyond anything most people could have dreamed of.

But now we may be on the verge of going beyond Hubble. In fact, in a few weeks we could see things that even Hubble would never have allowed us to consider seeing.

Indeed, in about six weeks a new telescope called the James Webb Space Telescope is due to be launched and it will be considerably more powerful than Hubble.

This video describes its amazing potential.

Soon we might all be like Howard Carter when he first looked into Tutankhamun’s tomb: The Shard of Gold. For the moment – an eternity, it must have seemed to others – I was stunned, and when Lord Carnarvon, unable to endure the suspense any longer, asked anxiously, “Can you see anything?” that was all I could do to get the words out, “Yes, wonderful things. ”

Soon, if everything works as expected, we should all be seeing wonderful things too.

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